The shutter is a very important part of the camera because without it you can't take pictures. This guide will give you the steps to access this button and replace this button.

  1. Remove the battery.
    • Remove the battery.

    • Begin by removing these ten screws, three on the left side, two on the bottom, and one on the right side of the camera. Use a Phillips size ##0 screwdriver to unscrew these screws./Not sure of the exact size of the screws.

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  2. Continue by removing the front top Phillip screw with the screwdriver.
    • Continue by removing the front top Phillip screw with the screwdriver.

    • Opening the empty battery slot on the bottom of the camera, reveals four additional screws.

    • Unscrew the four Phillips screws with the screwdriver.

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    • Using the spudger, move around the casing, carefully separating the rear housing from the camera assembly.

    • Be sure to only apply pressure to the casing panels and not the sensitive internal electronics.

    • Once the rear housing is separated, the settings buttons will be accessible for replacement.

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    • To begin, the outside edges of the LCD should be exposed, with the back case panel removed.

    • Be careful not to damage the flexible ribbon wires now accessible.

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    • Using the tweezers, carefully lift the hinges holding the two flexible ribbon wires in place.

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    • Once the flexible ribbon wires are free, the LCD can be removed and replaced.

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    • Remove these five Phillips screws, from the back of the camera, with the Phillips screwdriver.

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    • Using the pointed edge of the spudger, lift the hinge that secures this flex circuit. This will unfasten the flexible ribbon wire.

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    • Remove the panel containing the shutter and zoom slider, by lifting it up.

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    • Remove the metal cover using tweezers to allow access to the shutter button.

    • Replace shutter button.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Muy bueno pero falta documentar 3 tornillos.

1. En el paso 1, en la tercera foto debajo del sticker del código de barras.

2. En el paso 2, justo en el fondo del compartimento de una de las baterías (la del extremo). Incluso se alcanza a apreciar en la foto.

3. En el paso 8, en esa misma pieza de metal a un lado está el otro tornillo.

cyrez_1509 - Reply

My shutter button still works but doesn’t give feedback. It’s hard to tell when I’ve taken a picture because it doesn’t “click.” I’m wondering if that’s something that can be fixed, but I can’t tell if the mechanism for that feedback is in the mechanical portion above (and maybe a piece of metal broke) or built into the switch soldered on the circuit board.

JM Palacios - Reply

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