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If you don't charge Nexus 7 for too long, it can self-discharge to a point where it won't power up.

  1. Symptoms:
    • Symptoms:

    • 1. Nexus 7 won't power on.

    • 2. Battery icon doesn't show when charger plugged in.

    • 3. In a dark room, you can see backlight is turned on. If you hold down power button for 30 seconds, you can see the backlight power cycle.

    • Solution:

    • 1. Hold down both volume buttons (Press the center) and plug in charger (while holding the buttons). Hold down for 40 seconds.

    • 2. Hold down power button 40 seconds to boot Nexus.

    • In the future, don't let battery discharge too much.

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This procedure has been used to fix 25 Nexus 7 tablets which were unopened for months and allowed to discharge too far.

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perfect! works like charm.

fireflysean - Reply

AH! I thought my Nexus was a goner and it's only about a month old! This worked immediately. Thanks for this fix.

thedomesticgeekblog - Reply

Great! Worked for me first time!

Ron Lopez - Reply

Complete failure. Nothing happened after performing those steps. Help me!!!!

Craig Walkup - Reply

Is the backlight cycling as described?

This worked for over 20 devices for me and recently I bought another one and it worked for this one too.

Alan Nishioka -

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