Potentially Dangerous
Injury may result if this procedure is not followed properly. Use caution and follow all warnings.


I will teach you how to replace nexus 7 1st generation replacement battery.

  • Use the opening tools to open the rear case.

  • Be careful when opening rear case because the rear case clips can break.

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Frist take the spudgler tool to move the wires from the mother board.
  • Frist take the spudgler tool to move the wires from the mother board.

  • Second use the tool to pry the battery out of the top then do this at the bottom. Be careful when you do this because there is adhesive under the battery.

  • Im sorry I don't have picture of taking the battery out but the first picture in the circled part that is the motherboard.

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  • When you put the new battery in you first put the battery in then you move the wires to the motherboard then but the case back on.

  • Turn the tablet on and there you go. Thank you for using my guide and if it was helpful please leave a comment or if something is not correct on my guide leave a comment and I will fix the correction in my guide.

nice guide..

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To reassemble your device follow step 3.

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awesome sauce

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