This replacement guide shows how to disassemble Huawei Nexus 6P camera and audio jack. While your Google Nexus 6P related parts get damaged, just follow this guide to DIY replace them by yourself.

  1. Remove SIM card tray.
    • Remove SIM card tray.

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  2. Heat up back glass panel.
    • Heat up back glass panel.

    • Use hobby knife to open a gap and cut the fierce sticker underneath rear glass panel.

    • The back glass panel is easily shattered and the adhesive underneath is fierce. So be careful to pry this part.

    Be careful around the camera. I managed to melt my camera lens getting pieces of a shattered glass panel off.

    Roger - Reply

    • Heat up bottom plastic panel.

    • Use hobby knife to open a gap and insert guitar picks to cut adhesive underneath.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Twist off 6 Phillips screws together.

    • Insert guitar picks and plastic opening tool to separate front assembly from back cover.

    • Attention: These two parts fit tightly.It is very difficult to separate them. You can also try using heavy-duty suction cup to disassemble them.

    I was able to successfully use a suction cup towards the bottom of the device (near the USB-C plug) to get it open.

    Roger - Reply

    • Unscrew one Phillips screw.

    • Remove metal bracket securing flex contactors.

    • Release 3 flex contactors and remove it .

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    • Twist off 5 Phillips screws together and release battery contactor.

    • Remove metal bracket securing LCD contactor.

    • Release metal bracket securing front camera contactor and headphone jack contactor.

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    • Disconnect signal cable contactor.

    • Release LCD contactor.

    • Pry up and remove motherboard.

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    • Remove headphone jack and front camera.

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    • Release rear camera contactor, then remove it.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does the headphone jack have a part number?

I can't find the replacement part anywhere online.

Luke Redfern - Reply

Headphone jack part number 9-HU-2909

I am searching all over the www for headphone jack. It's listed at two stores for $9.99. But, no stock.

Headphone jacks for every other silly phone are available all over the internet for couple of $.

isaac_kmgm -

Awesome guide! I used this guide to replace my rear camera because the old camera’s focus was stuck in one position (which is a common problem with 6p’s apparently). The guide was spot on, and it has good pictures showing you what to do. It only took me about 30-40 minutes to complete.

Jacob Higgins - Reply

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