This guide explains how to remove the motherboard. Before reaching the mother board several prerequisites steps are needed first.

  1. Use Phillips #1 screwdriver to unscrew the two bottom cover screws
    • Use Phillips #1 screwdriver to unscrew the two bottom cover screws

    • Be careful, the screws are self-retained on the cover itself and does not come off the battery cover.

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  2. Lift battery cover out.
    • Lift battery cover out.

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    • Be careful when taking out the battery. Do not pull on the wires or battery trying to get the connector out.

    • The cord has prongs on it that are a little difficult to get out. Use a flathead screwdriver to press the release tab on the connector to remove it.

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    • To remove the rotary brush simply grasp it firmly and pull it off.

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    • Once you have everything out get the plastic opening tool and pry open the large black plastic piece.

      • With a little force it should come out.

    • The boxes show you were the clips are that hold this piece

    Alternatively, slide your fingers under the two holes at the top and then pull to pry open (in the ‘trench’ that continues on from the wheels)

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    • Once the black piece has been taken out, the brush just comes out easily.

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    • Firmly grasp the back cover and pull away from the Botvac one side at a time.

    • Removing the cover will expose two 1.3mm T10 screws that must be removed to separate the cover halves.

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    • Remove these two 13mm T10 screws. You will need to use the extension in your tool set since they are deep in the casting.

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    • Eight 13mm T10 screws on the underside of the Botvac hold the casing together. These screws are not self-retained so make sure that you don’t lose them in the disassembly process.

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    • The screws pictured here on either side of the Botvac require the extension in your tool set to be removed.

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    • On the back of the Botvac there are two retaining tabs that must be pressed to be released.

    • With the tabs released the top and bottom cover halves can be separated.

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    • Carefully lift the top cover of the Botvac. On the right side of the Botvac is where you'll find the LCD screen connector to the motherboard. Carefully pull on the connector to disconnect it from the motherboard.

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    • There are two 0.5cm #1 Phillips screws holding the LCD screen to the top cover. Remove these screws to lift screen off the cover.

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    • With the two screws removed you may lift the screen off the cover. Carefully remove the connector from the screen by pulling on the connector.

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    • Carefully remove the plugs connected to top side of the motherboard.

      • Be careful to not pull the white casings that attach the plugs to the board.

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    • Remove the cables attached to the under side of the motherboard.

      • Similarly to the previous step, be careful as to not remove the casing attaching the cable to the board.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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