Warning: This guide requires desoldering/soldering.

This guide will walk you through the steps to removing the Nabi 2 motherboard. A motherboard replacement may be necessary if you experience total device failure. Before beginning this guide we recommend you follow all of the listed prerequisite guides.

Be sure to take extra care when removing the wifi antenna, camera and microphone from the Nabi 2 chassis, before lifting the motherboard out of the device.

Remove the rubber bumper from the tablet.
  • Remove the rubber bumper from the tablet.

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With a PH00 screwdriver, remove the four outermost screws from the back of the tablet.
  • With a PH00 screwdriver, remove the four outermost screws from the back of the tablet.

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  • Carefully, insert a plastic opening tool into the seam of the device and begin gently prying the two plastic pieces apart.

  • Work the tool all the way around the device. Small plastic clips should release. If they do not, gently apply outwards pressure until the clips give.

  • Do not force the clips open, as they are fairly easy to break

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  • Lay the tablet down flat and remove the yellow tape from the ZIF connector on each side

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  • Using a spudger, slide the brown tab forward on each side of the connector

  • Slide until the connector is completely loose, then separate the screen from the bottom half of the tablet

  • If the screen is not working correctly, you will need to replace the entire display assembly

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  • Use the spudger to pop the battery out of place and set it aside.

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  • Desolder the battery connection and remove the battery completely

  • Note the color order for future replacemement

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  • Using the soldering iron, detach the speaker's wires from the circuit board.

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  • Using a Phillips PH 000 screwdriver, unscrew the two 3 mm Phillips #000 screws on each side of the speakers that hold the speakers in place.

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  • Once the screws have been removed, remove the speakers from the device.

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  • Remove the seven 4 mm Phillips #000 screws with a PH#000 screwdriver

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  • Remove the tape that is attaching the motherboard to the plastic casing

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  • Remove the motherboard by lifting from the area indicated

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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