This guide will show you how to detach the batter on the Motorola KRZR. It will give you instructions on how to disassemble the back cover of the KRZR in order to access the battery.

Image 1/2:
  • Push down on the silver tab located at the top center of the back of the Motorola K1m cellphone.

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Image 1/1: Remove the back cover.
  • While pushing down on the silver tab, slide the back cover towards the silver tab.

  • Remove the back cover.

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Image 1/1: Replace the old battery with the new battery.
  • Remove the battery by pulling the battery from the top corners labeled "Pull Here" located on either side of the top of the battery.

  • Replace the old battery with the new battery.

  • Follow all of the steps to remove the battery in reverse order to reassemble.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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