1. Why you need this video?

The touch display of your Moto G4 Plus can get broken or cracked because of unsuitable operation,broken,scratch and crash. Remember to remove the LCD screen,then put the navigation button to the new one. It is difficult and complicated to separate LCD screen and touch screen when you want to repair each of them. Here is the best solution to replace the crack or unresponsive touch screen of your Moto G4 Plus.

2. What problems does the video solve?

If you encounter the following situations you may need to replace the LCD Screen of your Moto G4 Plus:

The touch display is unresponsive,broken,cracked,shattered;

The touch screen for Moto G4 Plus is not working;

Your Moto G4 Plus LCD Screen is black,cracked;

Colored spots and lines keep showing on the LCD display;

There is a yellow, orange or black spot in the same area of the touch screen;

Rainbow pattern or color-blocks shows on some areas of LCD screen;

The touch screen is not sensitive enough to execute your orders;

The touch display is unresponsive,not sensitive;

There is always a spot or something else showing up on your display?

The touch screen on the G4 Plus doesn't work;

The screen is unresponsive to unlock your phone;

There is something wrong with LCD Screen;

Get problem with LCD with Digitizer of Moto G4 Plus;

The touch display is not sensitive enough to unlock your smart phone;

Video Instructions

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Spread Fixmas Cheer
Get $12 off your purchase of $50 or more with code FIXMAS12

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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can water permanently damages display

Abhijeet Jejurkar - Reply

Working on a Moto G4 Plus: I followed all the steps in the video above to replace the LCD screen but when I turned it on, the touch was not working and there were vertical discolored lines showing on the screen. I grabbed another known good LCD screen for the same model and tested it before installing it into the phone. Then when I installed it into the phone, the same thing happened. The touch was not working and there were the vertical discolored lines. After some online research, it seems that other people are experiencing the issue when attempting to do a screen repair on this phone. Any advice??

Grandfather Pumpkin - Reply

How long would a job like this take a shop ,I put mine into a shop and he's had it for a week

Gappy Dave - Reply

There is a yellow, orange or black spot on whole screen. What can i do??

Is there any solution other than replacing screen..

mrunal joshi - Reply

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