This guide will teach you how to safely remove your battery from your Surface Pro 3. The guide starts by removing the screen and digitizer and then goes right into removing the battery.

Heat up one or multiple iOpeners in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  • Heat up one or multiple iOpeners in the microwave for 30 seconds.

  • Place the hot iOpener(s) on the edges of the device to soften the glue securing the screen.

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If the iOpeners are not working or you do not have any readily available, use a heat gun to melt the glue.  In fact, this may be a better option than the iOpeners.
  • If the iOpeners are not working or you do not have any readily available, use a heat gun to melt the glue. In fact, this may be a better option than the iOpeners.

  • Holding the heat gun on a single spot for too long can crack the screen or melt parts of the device.

Or an adequately sized rectangular dehydrator works also.

james - Reply

  • Use a plastic opening tool to separate the screen from the device.

    • Start in the top right corner of the device for best results.

  • Carefully insert opening picks between the screen and the device to prevent the glue from re-adhering.

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  • Continue to heat sections of the screen with the heat gun.

  • As you make your way around the screen with the heat gun, use the plastic opening tool and the opening picks to pry the screen loose.

  • The screen is extremely thin and very easy to break. Be careful working with broken glass.

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  • Once you have placed iFixit Opening Picks around the entire screen, carefully pry the screen loose with the plastic opening tool.

  • Lift the screen up carefully so that no wires are torn.

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  • Remove the 3 mm T3 Torx screw securing the battery connector, and disconnect the battery connector.

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  • Remove the single 4 mm T5 Torx screw securing the display cable.

  • Lift the connector up from the device.

It's always best to disconnect the battery before disconnecting the display cable. Ensuring there is no power to the device will also ensure you don't damage the backlight components when disconnecting the display. You should also make sure to reattach the display cable before reattaching the battery cable when putting it back together.

KCrepairguy - Reply

There is also a tiny little board between the ribbon cable and motherboard. Be sure not to lose it!!! If you do the part is 1631 LCD Contact Shield Plate.

Joseph Neilson - Reply

You’ll notice a spring on the back of your old screen. The new screens don’t have that spring so it will need to be transferred over by the heat gun trick.

Thierry Plouchart - Reply

On mine this was a T3 screw, not a T5.

Cresny - Reply

  • Grasp the orange cable connected to the silver connecter.

  • Carefully lift the orange cable up until the connecter pops off.

  • The screen will now be completely disconnected.

  • The replacement display may not include all the parts needed for installation. Save all the parts from the original display, and transfer them to the new display as needed.

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  • Use the metal spudger to scrape the battery off of the device.

  • There will be a fair bit of adhesive securing the battery to the device, so make sure to take your time and work the spudger around the perimeter of the battery to loosen all of the adhesive.

  • The Metal Spudger can potentially puncture the battery. It is safer to use the plastic card to remove the battery.

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  • Lift the battery out of the device.

  • Be sure to follow instructions listed on the batteries for proper disposal.

Hello. If I manage to somehow replace the battery, what adhesive should I use to glue the battery and screen back into place?

reymatt - Reply

No way to take the screen off without cracking it PERIOD!!!

getintouchwitht - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Do you have to glue everything back together? Do you heat the parts back up to get the glue to stick again?

Danny O'Boyle - Reply

Has anyone ever successfully opened a surface pro 3 without breaking the screen?

juliusmalexander - Reply

Yes I have successfully open the surface pro with out breaking the screen by using a heat gun, the islack and the using the picks around the screen as anchors, then use the islack as you will use it to replace the screen in the iphone. It takes time and patience and a lot of heat. It took me 25 minutes to remove the screen with out breaking it.

computertechomar -

Only wizards can accomplish this task without breaking the screen. Yes the screen must be reheated for the glue to stick again. A simple fix to avoid all of these problems is to switch to Apple products.

Erik Snyder - Reply

Apple products are worse. I've worked with Ipads and Iphones and seen my fair share of ballooned batteries that lift the screen off for you.

I successfully removed many screens without cracking by heating to 100 deg with a heat gun, using a small suction cup to lightly tug on the cutting area, using a small syringe to insert alcohol into the adhesive, and using a thin single edge box cutter to slice through the adhesive. The best place to start is at the top near the camera as it's not as sticky there. Make sure your suction cup has a good grip, or you risk cracking the screen if the suction cup lets go with the knife under it.

cpronger12 -

Indeed! Even simpler fix? Live in a cave without technology. However, if the professional tools you need only exist in a Windows environment and you require a stylus and touchscreen, how would Apple's products suffice? As an electrical engineer who uses Altium, DxDesigner, OrCAD, and many other such tools, I'm serious when I ask. Meanwhile, my SP3 is serving me tremendously well.

jimhorn - Reply

With the number of SP3 an SP4s out there, when the time comes that batteries are failing, there will be a market for the service to replace them for under the US$320 that Microsoft charges. A reliable method to do so would be straightforward (a vacuum gripper for the faceplate and body in an 85°C temperature controlled environment) and could be used to reclose and reseal when done. Not hobby grade but would pay for itself with a few days' use to repair Surface Pros. Somebody will step forward to do that...

jimhorn - Reply

Hi, where do I find the details of the battery I need for the replacement?

David Caddick - Reply

You can use the command prompt on Windows 10 for you surface pro 3

1. Press Win+X

2. enter command prompt

3. input the command "powercfg /batteryreport"

4. find the batteryreport on you C:

there is the report of you battery. if you have some question. send Email:

CoikVollin -

Anyone have weird ripple effect on sides of display after removal and refit? I think I have a loose connector but I cant work out which one it is!

Nick Hine - Reply

320 bucks to replace the battery? That's almost half the price of what I bought this thing for.

neil0808 - Reply

Hello. If I manage to somehow replace the battery, what adhesive should I use to glue the battery and screen back into place?

reymatt - Reply

Does anyone know what purpose the little battery board connector serves? Can it be damaged to make the SP3 not power on again?

Lee - Reply

Dunno if you’re around Lee, but I’ve got a Surface Pro 3 not powering and i’d very much like to know the answer! Do you even need that sleeve?

Aaron Moffatt -

This article was a massive help, thanks!

see/read how i ended up doing it here:

Carlos Murphy - Reply


Où peut-on trouver la batterie de remplacement ?

Rony - Reply

As the pictures reveal, this method massively broke the screen. Do NOT use the prying tool to separate the screen. Use something very thin, maybe even an exacto knife, to slip under the screen and work around and separate it. More like slicing than prying. It is still really easy to break it. Make sure it is heated enough and work very SLOWLY.

Barry Hohstadt - Reply

As the pictures show this guy massively busted the screen. Do NOT use the blue plastic prying tool to separate the screen. Use something super thin, maybe even like an exacto knife, to work around the screen more like a slicing action than prying. Even then make sure the glue is sufficiently heated and work very slowly.

Barry Hohstadt - Reply

I know this post is old but I was just wondering, has anyone ever used a heated plate to remove the screen? My Creator Pro 3D printer has a 6” x 9” heated bed that can heated to any desired temperature (up to over 100 degrees Celsius) without running the printer. Putting a fairly thick aluminum plate, with an aluminum “picture frame” on top so the heat only goes to the edges of the screen seems like it might be an easy way to evenly heat the glue to the desired temperature. The question is: what’s the desired temperature to heat the screen?

Thomas Dirrigl - Reply

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