This repair is very easy and will only take 25-45 minutes.

  1. Back comes apart easily
    • Back comes apart easily

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  2. Peel the tape from left to the right.
    • Peel the tape from left to the right.

    • Under the tape there is a hidden screw.

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    • Take these screws out, and remember organize your screws so you know where they are going when you are putting the phone back together.

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  3. Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
    Get $12 off your purchase of $50 or more with code FIXMAS12
    • Turn the phone on its side and there are two (2) more screws that needs to be taken out.

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    • Be careful of the top left corner of the phone, the connecting cable is sitting there.

    • The green arrows indicates where the cable is, so be careful

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    • disconnect the two connectors here: Green, and Red.

    Reconnecting these is quite fiddly.

    Julian Feuchtwang - Reply

    • Carefully remove the cable.

    • Top two arrows indicate Camera, and chip. Button arrow indicate the way it is easiest to get the cable off.

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    • The speaker comes out really easy

    • Do not fear, it is not attached by a cable but only glue.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Nick Flor

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Guys your awesome. I just replaced a cracked screen and it only cost me the price of a new one.

Ron Hudson - Reply

I'm happy to help, please let me know if there was any step that was hard to understand.

Nick Flor - Reply

Hi guys microsoft lumia 640 front screen cracked where can i have it replaced plz

Delmark Lawrence - Reply

With the ease of replacing these screens and the availability of the part you could attempt it yourself as it is a simple process and a very rewarding one at that!! :) :p

Cory Hibbin -

thanks nick, do you have a picture of the device without speaker and ready to reassembling?

Labartsara Sara - Reply

Sorry for the slow resonse, I can try look around and see, however the speaker can easily come out and in. I mean it des not have to be there, it just sit there with glue

Nick Flor -

Ok. Ho iniziato ora devo continuare

Paolomontuori - Reply

you stopped short of showing me how to replace a new screen!

Clayton Moss - Reply

Do the steps in reverse :)

Nick Flor -

I would love to say I. can replace the shattered glass screen on my Lumia 640 phone, but can't. Don't want to purchase another, love my phone. Question! Where can I take it to get it fixed? It's a must! Susan thanks for any info

papadoulis - Reply

do we need to buy the digitizer or simply the glass when the glass is broken and the phone is totally dizzy. only graphics are coming , no letters / visual in the screen

manmi roami - Reply

this is the worlds most easy est phone to ripar

yo mom The Computer Guy - Reply

Great instructions and a great design from Nokia. It only took 25 minutes.

Tom Balaban - Reply

Hi all, thanks for the very helpful instructions. I have one question about my phone though, which is that the glass screen is broken but the digitizer and LCD display are both fine. I’m planning on only buying the glass screen and digitizer combination as I know the LCD display will cost more. My question therefore is whether the LCD display is glued permanently onto the digitizer and glass screen? If it is, this would defeat the point of buying the digitizer and glass screen combination, and I’d have to opt for the triplet of LCD screen, digitizer, and glass screen. I can’t find any sources of information around on the net, and would really appreciate everyone’s kind help and thoughtful advice. Please kindly help, thank you so much!!! :)

Gary - Reply

can anyone help or know anything about this?

Gary - Reply

Hi ,

I have a Problem with my 640 Phone display, No Display but Display is glowing, touch looks to be fine, What could be the issue, Any thoughts , Do i need to replace the display?

Anob - Reply

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