Microsoft Lumia 535

RM-1090 / RM-1091/ RM-1089 / RM-1092

How to disassemble the phone and replace broken, smashed Display or Touch Screen Glass Digitizer.

!!!There are different versions touch screens:

• CT2S1973FPC-A1-E

• CT2C1607FPC-A1-E

The version is printed on the flex cable.

Video Overview

  1. Turn off the phone.
    • Turn off the phone.

    • Remove the battery and any SIM and memory cards.

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  2. With a screwdriver Torx T4 remove the 9x screws.
    • With a screwdriver Torx T4 remove the 9x screws.

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    • With a plastic opening tool separate the back cover from the middle frame.

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    • Disconnect:

      • Touch screen flex cable

      • LCD Display flex cable

      • Charging Dock board flex cable - remove the foam and tape, then flip up the black lock before easing out the flex.

      • Coaxial antena cable - take your time here, be sure to pull the metal connector and not the cable or you risk pulling the cable from the connector.

    • Remove the 2x Torx T4 screws.

    Take care when removing the coax connector. Mine was very tight and I managed to disconnect the coax cable from the connector. Phone is now in the bin :-(

    keithellis - Reply

    Also, when removing the charging dock board flex cable, the connector has a black lock arm. Remove the foam pad and tape to reveal the lock. Gently ease the lock arm up then ease the flex out.

    keithellis - Reply

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    • Remove the display flex cable rubber.

    • Put scotch tape on glass to prevent it from shattering.

    • Use a hair dryer or heat gun and warm the glass to make adhesive soft.

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    • Use a cutter or other tool with a sharp edge and start the separating from the bottom side. When you make enough room, continue the operation with a plastic tool.

    • Work slowly and do not force the frame with the display too much.

    • If necessary, warm again the glass with a hairdryer.

    Please display prise

    Sampat Raut - Reply

    • Using a plastic tool, carefully remove the display.

    • Clean the frame from the remainders of the old adhesive.

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    • Install back the display.

    • Put adhesive tape 2mm on the digitizer.

    • Order the digitizer glass together with an adhesive tape. The replacement is easier.

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    • Install the touch screen and start with the reassembling.

    • That's all.

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    • .

    • Did you do it successfully?

    Is the phone memory gets deleted after doing it??

    arcmohanty - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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cane you tell me price of out glass of lumia 535 duol sim please ?!

omarkhalil - Reply

2mm adhesive tape means thickness

Jithu - Reply

Also does touch come out if we put adhesive tape.

Jithu - Reply

I want to join in your team

Saikrishna - Reply

Hi,How to know which the versions touch screens my phone is Lumia 535 RM-1089 , please?

priscilaalmerinda - Reply

You need to open phone, cant tell otherwise.

arvid asentaja -

hi im from phillipines can i know the price of the touch pod of the phone microsoft

lumia 535

kingrofox - Reply

hi i lost flex cable so i dont know which version of LCD i need can someone tell my how to findout version

varsic01 - Reply

Replaced succesfully. Thanks!

vlytsus - Reply

Is the phone memory gets deleted after replacement??

arcmohanty -

Hi where i can buy dis tooch scrren digitilizer?

doom814 - Reply

And de tape 2mm

doom814 - Reply

is display assembly of microsoft lumia 540 can be replaced with display assembly of microsoft lumia 535

mehta.tarun1 - Reply

Need lumia 930 touch 01722878222

sujantlcm - Reply

Nice write up. It's the surest way of doing it right.

Albert Solomon - Reply

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cane you tell me price of out glass of lumia 535 duol sim please ?!

Deepak Arora - Reply

I just have the glass broken, Display works properly. How can i only replace the glass?

Xander Anilavo - Reply

Great guide! It was on point!!

Roger Nelson - Reply

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