• Hard Reset / Factory Reset / Master Reset: Delete all customer data (phone book, downloads, accounts, etc.) remove all installed apps and restore the phone to its factory state.

• This will help you if you forgot your Screen Password Lock, PIN or if you have a problem with the OS or installed app.

Video Overview

Switch off the phone.
  • Switch off the phone.

  • Press and hold the Volume Down button and connect your charger. When you see an exclamation mark release the button.

  • Now press the keys in this sequence:

    • Volume Up

    • Volume Down

    • Power

    • Volume Down

  • The phone will reset and reboots.

Thanks buddy:)

Akabri Dhaval - Reply

Please help me i have problem resrting my phone..

kier jumento - Reply

Are you really?

eyobe - Reply

what a great Method .it work ........... thankx for genius method

usmanmanga85 - Reply

please help, I just did the hard reset but now it's denying my microsoft account login...

i did the reset but failing to login my account and now I cant do anything. Im stuck on the sign in page...

Chido Marufu -

i did reset but now cant login and cant access anything...

Chido Marufu -

please help, I just did the hard reset but now it's denying my microsoft account login...

i did the reset but failing to login my account and now I cant do anything. Im stuck on the sign in page..

Chido Marufu -

my phone cant touch anymore i hve microsoft mobile rm-1089.after hard reset the phone reboot and stuck at language selection no touch at all been hard resetting over and over. .any help?

bedelfever - Reply

bhai mayra nhi ho rha

ns890157 - Reply

it worked thnks ilove the tips

dex vin - Reply

Approximately how much time is it supposed to take?

Aashka Vora - Reply

This not working what else can I do?

Oluwakemi - Reply

Thank you so much you r great. I have done.....thanks

Rakshit - Reply

fantastic.Thank you so much

Kirti Sethia - Reply

fantastic.Thank you

Kirti Sethia - Reply

Awesome…Thank You so much…

Bipin Bihari Sethi - Reply

After I press the volume down key and insert my charger no exclamation mark appears so what do I do??

Richard Donkor - Reply

I am re start the phone as per instructions but the phone will not be open.

Still the exclamation mark appears

What I do?

Siva ganesh - Reply

total sucess

CPI - Reply

I followed the hard reset procedure, but when I press the volume up button, the phone goes off. I have not had the chance of pressing the other buttons. Please help me if there's any other method. Thanks

Lawrence Kumah - Reply

Very well... Thank you...

Ankita Kar - Reply

How do i cancel the hard reset?

Yadira Ruiz - Reply

Thanks exellent!

sunethwbs - Reply

resetting in progress. Thanks

Benjamin Bara - Reply

wa za mara da kho mata yada wa

niamatullah123 - Reply


Your device is now reset!

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thanks a lot!!

very useful!

suchitra kumar - Reply

You are mouthed

Idris - Reply

THankx for your help..

Pinak - Reply

but my mobile timeing was 107 and this step are not work that

shahaji jadhav - Reply

same with me.

can you help me? I try the step but is not work in my mobile timing is 790880. how to remove those screen password?

Alden Hammisain -

worked for me...thanks

erick - Reply

It really worked for my Microsoft Lumia 535. Thanks

Tiamiyu Babatunde - Reply

how did you do it because mine turning on as soon as l press the volume up button

alfredjunior -

Thanks A lot. Saved my day

Shivam Jain - Reply

When i press that button nothing happen to the phone it only starts..

kier jumento - Reply

When i press that button the phone starts and nothing happen

kier jumento - Reply

did your work out

alfredjunior -

thanks, worked for me

Humphrey Tamata - Reply

when I followed what you have stated, my phone could not load up the exclamation mark but shows battery charging sign

jobstevegimisimo - Reply

Answer to skipping ! Symbol and going straight to battery charging symbol?

Albert einstine -

Good Way Thankx.......

Shahid Muhammad - Reply

It worked greatly thank you very much it is greatly greatly appreciated it was just as simple as it is explained!!!

Tifani Hill - Reply

worked for me thanks man.

Will Hanson - Reply

thank you very much for a wonderful solution.

satya033 - Reply

i followed the same instructions, but when I press the start button my phone switches on and goes back to the password locked screen.

Jyoti Raj - Reply

Thats what mine is doing did u find a solution

Shamekia Mitchell -

Thank you...saved my time

Fredrick Omondi - Reply

Não resultou... Fica em loop mostrando as engrenagens e depois uma carinha triste

Que posso fazer para voltar a ligar o telemóvel??

andreiapanatal83 - Reply

You knw Actually the lock has been broken but i duano what is next step mean while it's asking to fix some point for which look forward to get this done.

Akash Kumar - Reply

%#*@ it actually worked

Alex Teano - Reply

it is not working on my phone pls tell me another solution

AJITH TV - Reply

thank you bro........

laltu chowdhury - Reply

very useful guide

haprotege2020 - Reply

Thanks for your very good information

b17karthik - Reply

did we lost win 10 switch back to win 8.1 from win10 after factory reset?

my lumia 535 face screen freeze and some time auto power off and power button not working problem

when I press power button it show dim light and black screen again and also got heat up from upper front back side

the only thing work in these issue is remove back cover put off battery put in again

hasan_rameez - Reply

Very Useful.........

gauravmalikbro - Reply

Genius and bravo

Alabi Tajudeen - Reply

The author did an excellent job that deserves commendation.The steps were so easy and straight forward

Alabi Tajudeen - Reply

good on ya mate thanks for trick

emreozcicekci - Reply

thank you very much

charlotte1986charlie - Reply

Wow thank u my IT It's work for me from Ernest tnx an tnx again my god bleessd u

bongs_72 - Reply

Tnx my IT its worked for me

bongs_72 - Reply

lumia 535 copied recovering mode

ashleys69 - Reply

thanks to ya, it really worked............. thanks to the crew

bi jay - Reply

please help, I just did the hard reset but now it's denying my microsoft account login...

i did the reset but failing to login my account and now I cant do anything. Im stuck on the sign in page..

Chido Marufu - Reply

It works for me lumia 540 thanks a lot....for your valuable suggestion..

Raghu Raghu - Reply

Thanks a lot it really work for me......kudos

philipbrown6743 - Reply

I try it but it really really and extremely work for me thanks a lot

philipbrown6743 - Reply

awesome it really works. thanks alot

henry fundi - Reply

My phone appears (try again in 1034387 minutes) and could not open. Please help me. URGENT

chenthin707 - Reply

Thaaaaaank Youuuuuu soooo mucccchhh

Alber Einstein - Reply

This process is fully working if Your touch is Not working

Alber Einstein - Reply

It's like a GTA cheat code from the ps2 days, btw it worked for me :<}

Shaquille Richards - Reply

Thanks It worked

lasherrika - Reply

My friend asked me to unlock it, I just tried in search engine. It helped me at right..

Haridass - Reply

It worked thank ya vry much amigo

Abdullah Twait - Reply

thanks alot it helped.

Jolandie Klein - Reply

did that, saw the gears then went to a sad smiley, please help.

Mharc - Reply

Bohat bohat shukriya

gangaram kore - Reply

thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much


can I do that on my phone but it has no power

Nash Rutsate - Reply

please help, can I do that on a powerless phone

Nash Rutsate - Reply

It is working but after reset edge browser is missing old help me

Prashanth D - Reply

Cool! Other remember to remove you sceenlock first before trying this, then it will work/

Liam Decker - Reply

My phone is reset but its asking reset protection key. What can i do

Uday Urs - Reply

how much time it should take to reboot and start


Whats the answer to the timeframe regaurding how long does it take fof the reset to take?

Albert einstine -

Whats the eta for reset

Albert einstine -

Thanks to the author, for his excellent work.

aparesh datta - Reply

Thanks to the author for his excellent work.

aparesh datta - Reply

Not working for me. Pls help to reset password.

Bhuvana Vaithilingam - Reply

This method Not working for me. Phone only starts. Pls help me.

Bhuvana Vaithilingam - Reply

Thanks…..very helpful

Lahiru Wijewardana - Reply

My mircosoft windows phone will not factory reset

Louise Hopson - Reply

You are really genious bro… Awesome…

Thanks and it works for me very nicely…

Md. Mehedi Hassan Shawon - Reply

You are a guru, genius, in fact Einstein….. thanks a lot

Dhermy Machessy - Reply

You,re great !!!!!!!!!!!

keep it going. Love you, May God bless you Sir

Raj Kamal - Reply

Cheers man…it worked. God bless

samuel kalel - Reply

Good work! works like a charm!

qash miik - Reply

Awesome! I'm overjoyed, the steps were

Kameswari - Reply

Thanks alot!

William M Midgett - Reply

If it failed for you try it this way without the charger: Press the power button to start and when it vibrates hold the volume down button until it shows you the exclamation mark. the do the volume up down power down sequence mentioned above here and leave it aside to show the logo then spinning cog wheels. The charge route failed for me too till i found the route where you dont include the charger.

romeohammer3 - Reply

My didnt work at all

Katy Hudson - Reply

The reset worked but it is asking for a reset protection recovery key that I am not able to get

Debbie Reid-Jones - Reply

Thank you vry vry much…

vinod Tolani - Reply

thank’s dude worked bang on……

mizer006 - Reply

Wow it works

Bernard Ntiamoah - Reply

it’s working.. although we have it trial and error, and thank to you…

rotsennoziuk - Reply

Thank so much it really work perfectly for me

aisivbiekpen - Reply

thanks you so much.. you are awesome …..

tejipta - Reply

phone restarts when i hold volume down

can’t reset

Shubham Sharma - Reply

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