We will be disassembling the laptop down to the heatsink and CPU, to apply some thermal paste with a higher grade of conductivity.

Remove the battery by sliding both sliders to the left.
  • Remove the battery by sliding both sliders to the left.

  • Hold the left slider as you slide the battery away from you.

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Press and hold the power button for 10 - 15 seconds, to release any excess power from the laptop.
  • Press and hold the power button for 10 - 15 seconds, to release any excess power from the laptop.

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  • After removing the battery, undo the single screw holding the RAM compartment lid.

  • Gently pop out the lid with a few clicks.

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  • Undo the white and black cable, and the screw.

    • Lift the wifi board up and away from you.

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  • Pry the metal clips holding the RAM units outward which will make the uint pop upwards.

  • Slide the unit out, towards you.

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  • Undo the single screw holding the hard drive lid.

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  • Undo the single screw holding the hard drive.

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  • Use the black tab to slide the hard drive backwards.

  • Pry the hard drive up, on the far side and it slides out.

  • Be careful when prying the hard drive out of the case, you might drop it and damage it.

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  • Push the 4 black tabs located at the top of the keyboard, under the case.

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  • Be careful when removing the keyboard from the case, it is still attached at the bottom.

  • Pry the black tab backwards, to remove the cable.

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  • On the bottom of the case there are 2 sliders, use these to release the optical drive.

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  • Undo the 11 screws holding the bottom of the case.

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  • Remove the 2 cables, revealed by removing the keyboard. The cables mentioning "MB" can only be removed after opening the case.

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  • Pry open the case using something soft, preferably your hands or a spudger.

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  • When the case is completely lose it will still be attached by the "MB" cables. Remove those before completely removing the case.

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  • Undo the single screw holding the motherboard.

  • Undo the 4 cables highlighted in blue.

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  • Also remove the black and white wifi cable from under the motherboard.

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  • Lift the motherboard out of its socket. The bottom left may get stuck a bit. Don't force the USB sockets.

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  • On the flipside of the motherboard is the CPU covered by the heatsink.

  • Before removing the heatsink, remove the fan cable looping over the heatsink.

  • Remove the 6 screws, holding the heatsink.

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  • First you will need a card to scrape off the old paste. Keep a coffee filter ready to clean the card.

  • Both the heatsink and CPU's must be totally cleaned of any remaining grease.

  • The triangular part on the heatsink leads to the graphics card.

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  • Be very thorough, any remaining grease may render your new layer of paste useless.

  • The top cores are the CPU, still not cleaned.

  • The bottom core is the newly cleaned video card CPU.

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  • Use alcohol or a oil-free degreaser and coffee filters or a lint-free cloth.

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  • Apply the paste on the CPU's very carefully, you don't want certain thermal pastes on electrical circuits.

  • Your paste needs to be distributed evenly on the whole metal cap of the CPU.

  • Reverse engineer this guide to put the laptop back together.

  • Let the paste settle in by letting the computer run for a few consecutive hours.

  • Run a temperature monitor software to check if your application has been effective or not. After a day or two, you may want to stress-test it by running some high end application all together and monitor the temperature.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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