Potentially Dangerous
Injury may result if this procedure is not followed properly. Use caution and follow all warnings.


Spare bottles may be with different gases, according to your needs.

Flammable gas: LINK

Thetafluorethane: LINK

Environmentally safe: LINK


No tools required.


You need your TA1 handheld horn and a spare gas bottle to proceed.
  • You need your TA1 handheld horn and a spare gas bottle to proceed.

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Press down the flap.
  • Press down the flap.

  • Be careful: if you press too much it may break.

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  • While pressing the flap, move the half-circle lock to free the trumpet from the tank.

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  • You don't need the empty tank anymore. Dispose it like required from your local laws.

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  • Take the new bottle and remove the cap.

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  • Open the lock on the trumpet.

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  • Put the trumpet on the bottle.

  • BE CAREFUL. Keep your fingers away from the trumpet and red circled moving parts: when the trumpet is on the gas bottle and you press it, it will honk!!

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  • BE CAREFUL. The horn may honk if you press it too strong on the red marked part.

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  • The red circled lock has to be like in the picture, out and up. If it's still inside, the trumpet may disconnect.

  • The blue circled part should be like in the picture, with no space between the components.

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  • Your gas horn it's now up and running, ready to be used again!

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There's no limit on the number of times you change the gas bottle.

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