This guide will walk you through the process of replacing the truck circuit board in a Maisto Rock Crawler.

  1. Flip the R/C truck over.
    • Flip the R/C truck over.

    • To take off the R/C truck top, use the driver and bit PH2 and remove the four 7.7mm Philips screws highlighted.

  2. Half way remove the truck top so you can unhinge the antenna from the clips.
    • Half way remove the truck top so you can unhinge the antenna from the clips.

    • Remove the R/C truck top completely.

    • Use the Driver and bit J1 to remove the top under-body plate by unscrewing the eight 9.5mm Philips screws.

    • Use the driver and bit J1 and remove the 7.7mm Philips screw highlighted.

    • Take note of which wire is connected at which pin before desoldering. It might help to mark the wires and take a picture.

    • It would be easier to desolder and resolder only one component at a time.

    • Use the soldering iron to desolder all the wires connected to the circuit board.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Can you do anything to it to make it stronger are powerful

Matt John - Reply

Yes put a board from a nikko or ez tec in it. The 9.6 volt is the one to find and wire the motors to the single motor output. I think u have to wire one backwards to get both going right way

Mike - Reply

My rc car is not responding to left or right signals from remote.

CAN I got any help on this

pankaj kapatia - Reply

Can any one help as my rc rock crawler is not turning left or right

pankaj kapatia - Reply

did you use biger voltage than normal? because it sound like that. i think your’s car has brokened ic-component.

mattilajanne - Reply

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