The Macintosh 165c can take any any compatible RAM chip up to 4 MB. RAM can be upgraded to a maximum of 14 MB through the PSRAM chip.

  1. Orient the computer so the battery is facing you.
    • Orient the computer so the battery is facing you.

    • Slide the gray plastic battery cover to the right.

  2. Pull the battery toward yourself until it is fully detached.
    • Pull the battery toward yourself until it is fully detached.

    • Orient the computer right side up with the rear facing you.

    • Open the Input/Output (I/O) door.

    • Carefully bend the door into an arch until one of the pins releases from its slot.

    • Once one of the pins is free, remove the I/O door from the computer.

    • Orient the computer with the bottom facing up and rear facing you. You should be able to read the Macintosh label in this position.

    • Use a T8 torx screwdriver to remove the 6.8mm long screw above and to the right of the modem jack.

    • Twist counter clockwise to remove the screw.

    • Use a T10 torx screwdriver to remove the four, 18mm long screws from the lower case.

    • Place your hands on the lower case, just above the I/O panel, and slowly lift the lower case a few inches above the main body of the computer.

    • Release the large, gray interconnect ribbon cable just behind the I/O panel.

    • Caution: Lower case cannot be fully removed until two plastic clips in the front corners are released. See the following step for details.

    • Place your thumb on the upper case, inside the empty battery slot, and your index finger near your thumb on the left side of the lower case.

    • Pinch your thumb and index finger towards each other to release the clip. Without releasing pressure on the pinch grip, use your index finger to push the lower case upwards.

    • Lift the lower case to remove it.

    • Locate and lift ram card directly up until connector releases.

    • Move the card back and forth gently if the connector does not release immediately.

    • Locate and lift the PSRAM expansion card vertically until connector releases.

    • If the PSRAM expansion card is difficult to remove, gently jostle it back and forth as you lift up.

    • The PSRAM expansion card is an optional component, and may not be included in all devices.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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