Use this guide to remove or replace the solid state drive (SSD) in your MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Early 2015.

    • Remove the following ten screws securing the lower case to the upper case:

      • Two 2.3 mm Pentalobe screws

      • Eight 3.0 mm Pentalobe screws

    • Throughout this repair, keep track of each screw and make sure it goes back exactly where it came from to avoid damaging your device.

    For all the screws you use the P5 pentalobe screwdriver?

    Carlos - Reply

    Pentalobe is only for the screws on the bottom cover. The Torx screw driver is for the remainder.

    Fredrik -

    Is the Pentalobe screwdriver mentioned in the tools list? I did not have one so I used a filed down flat blade screwdriver. Not a fantastic idea, but it works.

    Alex Birkett - Reply

    Yes, it's mentioned on the top of this page. P5 Pentalobe to be precise. I didn't have one either, so I bought one from iFixit and that works fantastic. An absolutely precise fit, which is important especially when you might open your MacBook a couple of times during the years you own it. Not using the correct tool might do more harm to the screws than you want! I once had this with a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, which has Torx screws (T4 I think) and I used cheap Chinese quality tools, with the result that both the tool and one of the screws are damaged.

    addvariety -

    the macbook in the picture is 2012. does it has the same structure as 2013?

    Edison - Reply

    I never, ever, ever considered using anything but the correct tool on the Pentalobe screws. Too easy to strip and void your warranty (if still in effect), as well as make it almost impossible to get inside later for another upgrade or repair. The Wiha P5 Pentalobe screwdriver fits like a glove and costs only about $11 (a fraction of your drive's price)at Get it!

    marketing - Reply

    is P5 supposed to be for all 10 screws? it works on the 2x 2.3mm at the top, but not for the 8x others for me. what size screwdriver for the 3mm? thanks

    monsieurescargot - Reply

    Yes, the p5 works for all 10 pentalobe screw heads for bottom cover. The the different size mm reference only refers to the difference in length of the screws, but again both heads are p5.

    Antoine Thornton - Reply

  1. Wedge your fingers between the upper case and the lower case.
    • Wedge your fingers between the upper case and the lower case.

    • Gently pull the lower case away from the upper case to remove it.

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    • The lower case is connected to the upper case with two plastic clips near its center.

    • During reassembly, gently push down the center of the lower case to reattach the two plastic clips.

    There are two screws that are shorter-they go to the back near the vent.

    wrbandllm - Reply

    This was already mentioned at the start, it says 2x 2.3mm screws and those are coloured red instead of orange for the other ones in iFixit's image.

    addvariety - Reply

    What is the black vinyl-y sticker on the inside of the case (some sort of shield?). I was forced to slightly puncture it in order to replace the feet on my laptop. Thanks in advance.

    Tommy Huang - Reply

    • If necessary, remove the plastic cover adhered to the battery contact board.

    Do you know where I can purchase this plastic cover? Mine is missing and no one will work on my computer without it.

    jodieabc - Reply

    There is no point on going near the battery or logic board. I cut out these steps with no issue. It is precautionary but unnecessary.

    Jaime Leonard - Reply

    • Use the flat end of a spudger to lift the battery connector straight up out of its socket on the logic board.

    • Be sure you lift up only on the connector itself, not the socket, or you risk permanent damage to the logic board.

    I have a friends MacBook Pro that has some water damage that caused the MacBook not to be able to use battery power, but still work when plugged into A/C. Upon further inspection I can see visible corrosion on a few of the 9 cables going from the battery connector to that small circuit board. Is it possible to just replace that circuit board?

    jramsey21 - Reply

    I have the some problem. I was thinking to replace the whole battery but I am not it will solve the problem. Any suggestions?

    salvatorebarbera -

    Sometimes it can be enough to just clean the contacts without having to replace the entire board. Dosent work for complicated IC's like plcc type, where corrosion is underneath the chip. Here you will have to reheat and reapply the IC.

    andrehedegaard -

    Have either of you replaced the battery and/or circuit board to fix the MacBooks with the water damage ? I have the same problem with the MacBook working fine when connected to power but dying immediately when the power cord is removed.

    Steve - Reply

    Hi, Steve. I had the same problem: Macbook Pro 15 retina with coffee damage. And it worked fine when connected to power. I made it working after replacing the whole battery. It seems that circuit connected to the battery becomes disabled to prevent short circuit.

    Vadim Gribanov -

    When placing the battery connector back into the socket on the logic board, check that every part of connector is pressed down. You should hear a soft click when it's back in place.

    Ethan Tarquin - Reply

    Thanks for the comment. My MBP isn’t powering on after I walked through these steps, and I assume it is because the battery connector isn’t fully connected. (I can’t check yet since I borrowed the pentalobe screwdriver)

    Caleb Steinborn -


    I thought I made sure it was connected but when running the computer it only detected the battery but couldn’t power it. I had to run with power adapter. Also it didn’t charge. I guess some pins were connected but not all. To verify that all were connected I removed the plastic cover, placed it carefully completely flat, and then reattached the plastic cover. After that it worked!

    Jonas Ehrs -

    If I only want to replace the trackpad cable, then which steps should I skip? This step seems unnecessary

    Parth Gudhka - Reply

    • Bend the battery connector up out of the way to prevent accidental contact with its socket during your repair.

    If you miss or let this step for later like I did, the power left in the battery even though the computer is completely shut down, will screw up the I/O board cable like I did. I noticed this after I put all the pieces back, turn the computer on and surprise, no wifi hardware is detected. -.-

    sebasgaes - Reply

    I put a small piece of blue painters tape on the battery connector contacts to prevent it from accidentally making a connection and shorting. This helped keep things a bit more protected.

    LaymanLab - Reply

    That’s a great idea!

    David Lilliebridge - Reply

    I used a small piece of paper to prevent the connector from connecting, no need to wrestle with even low-stick adhesive.

    dbrick - Reply

    • Remove the single 2.9 mm T5 Torx screw securing the SSD to the logic board.

    In case you need it, the underside of the SSD board will indicate the size of the drive, e.g., 128GB.

    Aldo Cugnini - Reply

    • Lift the free end of the SSD up slightly and pull the SSD straight out of its socket on the logic board.

    • Only lift the end of the SSD enough to allow you to pull it out—about 1/4".

    Transcend 960GB JetDrive 720 SATAIII 6Gb/s Solid State Drive Upgrade Kit for MacBook Pro 13" with Retina Display, Late 2012 - Early 2013 (TS960GJDM720) - Is this compatible with the Macbook Pro 13" Retina - Mid 2014?

    Jess - Reply

    Según el fabricante no, me puse en contacto con ellos y dicen que estan en desarrollo. Yo ya pregunte en este foro por que otro unidad de ssd cambio la original y nadie responde...

    According to the manufacturer no, I got in touch with them and say they are developing . I already ask at this forum by another unit ssd change the original and nobody answers ..

    Antonio -

    Manufacturers that don't say it's compatible, just haven't tested it. You just have to pay special attention to the notch(es) on the connector. I had a 512 GB SSD lying around, but it had two notches at 1/3 and 2/3 (M.2 B & M notches) instead of the MacBook's notch that's somewhat in the middle and is NOT a standard of the M.2 format.

    addvariety -

    No. But OWC now sells a higher capacity SSD for the 2015 MBP's

    robert Seith - Reply

    Great guide!

    Daniel - Reply

    Why do I need to disconnect the battery?

    David DelMonte - Reply

    To prevent damage on motherboard while connecting/disconnecting SSD.

    Fedor Zhuromsky -

    What are your recommendations for transferring the data to the replacement flash drive?

    ari - Reply

    Before changing hard drive, back up data via Time Machine. After hard drive replacement, restore Time Machine backup onto new hard drive.

    William -

    no other brand sad, for MacBook RD mid 2014?

    iCalfixit - Reply

    Can i swap my macbook pro 13" (late 2013) 128gb ssd with macbook air 13" 512gb ssd...? Would it work like that or they don't work with this combination...?

    VVK - Reply

    Yes, you can.

    Oleg -

    Can i use 1T ssd in macbook Retina Mf840 ??? change 256 to 512 or 1T :/

    Pedram BehzadiFar - Reply

    Hey, do you know if Transcend Jetdrive 725 is compatible with a 2015 MBP 13 retina ? Thanks for your help

    Leo Merazian - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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If not disconnecting battery before replacement of ssd, will ssd be damaged for sure, or is it just a precaution and not likely?

Chris - Reply

This is recommendation. I never disconnect battery and no issues occur so far.

Oleg -

Yes, damage can occur. Always disconnect any kind of power before removing different boards. After removing battery connector, it can be a good idea to discharge capacitors by pressing the power button on your mac. This ensures theres no latent current passing through the circuits.

andrehedegaard -

Which SSD can i use for upgrade? Can it be a normal like from Samung or else? Or has it to be from Apple?

karimi1993 - Reply

Same question here...

OldFellow -

Same question here...

Pablo Radu -

OWC now has SSD upgrades up to 1TB for this model:

rtwdanl -

OWC now sells replacement SSD's so you can drop a higher capacity in. Up to 1TB

robert Seith - Reply

That's what I just installed :)

David James -

This was one of the best explained tutorials on anything that I've ever come across! Whole procedure took me around 15 minutes at careful pace.

marketing - Reply

5 out of 5! Clear and easy to follow guide :)

David James - Reply

how do i complete this guide?

Daniel - Reply

I have bought all the component. samsung Evo 850 512 gig. A cabinet for the fort t he ssd and a eds wristband.

Daniel - Reply

Does upgrading the SSD have any negative effects on the macbook? Any heating issues or shortened battery?

Mitchell Sturba - Reply

to Mitchell, none what so ever in my case. been running for almost 2 years now without a problem.

herojig - Reply

Does any m.2 SSD work?

onnobastings - Reply

Does anyone know if Samsung EVO PRO 850 SATA 3 (MZ-7KE512BW), a 2.5" drive, will work with some sort of adapter?

Ibo - Reply

Do we know if Sandisk X400 512GB M.2 2280 SSD is supported?

Jake Tame - Reply

isnt that a ram chip not a solid state drive

Bhodi Hutchins - Reply

Parabéns! Muito bem explicado e simples... difícil é encontrar a chave e a memória no Brasil para comprar..

vilmar.oliveira1 - Reply

Can i swap my macbook pro 13" 128gb(2015) ssd with macbook air 13" 512gb ssd...?

VVK - Reply

If they are the same year I believe you can because my OWC kit for early 2015 MacBook Pro, states it is also for 2013 and up MacBook Air

Bill Veldt -

I have purchased the OWC ssd and this guide is perfect for my install. Thank you.

Bill Veldt - Reply

Is it ok to replace OWC since my stock ssd is

Device Name:


Media Name: APPLE SSD SM0128G Media

Size: 120.47 GB (120,473,067,520 bytes)

Medium Type: SSD

Protocol: PCI

Internal: Yes

Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table)

Status: Online

S.M.A.R.T. Status: Verified

PV UUID: 410953C0-F94A-4925-82DE-1EE2B396A58A

Ketib Kulang - Reply

Guys, can you please tell us if we can us any kind of M2 drives ( if the format fits) . I’m looking to know the manufactures and the types as i’m avoiding to buy original Apple HDD.

Thank you.


cristian - Reply

Concerning the SSD i also wonder what exact type of M.2 standard works. I want to use a Samsung SSD 960 EVO, which is using M.2 2280 standard. As i asked a tech-guy from my local Apple Store he stated that in MBP Early 2015 13” any form-fitting type of SSD will work. The big question is what kind of M.2 Standard is used exactly? Is it 2280, 2242 or 22110? The closest optical resemlance seems to be 2280 format. Do i really need to get an expensive OWC-SSD or can i use my pick of choice as well? As i understand it this standard was changed in MBP Late 2015 13” at which only OWC replacements work properly. If anyone who already replaced the SSD of a MBP Early 2015 could share his experiences i’d be grateful.

Peter B - Reply

I had the same question since I want to upgrade an early 2015 MacBook from a collegue at work. But from the specs of the 240GB OWC SSD it seems that it is 24mm width and 89mm long A 2280 M.2 is 22mm width and 80mm long. Unless someone tries to fit e.g. a Samsung EVO M.2 to see if it works we won't know for sure.

Marc van Gemert -

I have an Macbook Pro 13 Retina, Early 2015. I ended up buying this drive: (1TB) SSD to upgrade my 128GB Drive I bought with the system. Overall, it took from the 19th -> 28th of November (delays most likely due to American Thanksgiving). I installed it today and the bench marks are in the 1300 range for read/write, so it appears to be using all 4 channels to communicate. I believe the OWA version uses only 2 channels (could be wrong, but you should verify).

Drew - Reply

Hi to all. I have Samsung 960 EVO, it is posible upgrade on my MacBook Pro 13 2015 early? system 10.13.1

Gen4ig - Reply

Hey upgraded my storage from 128 Gb to 1TB, can anybody tell me how can I reinstall Mac OS now?

Prashant Vats - Reply

Hi, I would like to swap my MacBook Pro 13”(early 2015) 128 gb SSD with MacBook Air 2013 13” 256gb SSD, but… SSD from MB Pro has 3,3V & 3,2A vs SSD from MB Air has 3,3V & 2,5A …. Is it a problem?


Honza Pokorný - Reply

Say can I use the SSD from a 15” MBP (late 2013) in a 13” MBP (early 2015)? As far as I can see it should work, but iFixit does not list compatibility explicitely.

Tilo Probst - Reply

I’ve read in a number of places that the OWC replacement parts have an issue with crashing when the system wakes from sleep. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or know of another replacement part with no issues?

Spanky Ham - Reply

I’ve installed OWC Aura Pro X on my MacBook Pro 13” 2015, I can confirm the crashing when the system wakes from sleep, it happened three times in 2 weeks.

Luca P. -

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