Use this guide to replace your MacBook Air's internal lithium polymer battery.

Note: If there is a thin plastic film on your replacement battery, do not attempt to remove it. It is glued on and protects the battery pack while it is inside the MacBook.

    • Before proceeding, close your computer and lay it on a soft surface top-side down.

    • Remove the following ten screws:

      • Two 8 mm 5-point Pentalobe screws

      • Eight 2.5 mm 5-point Pentalobe screws

    • The special screwdriver needed to remove the eight 5-point Pentalobe screws can be found here.

    I recommend that one of the tools you obtain is a jeweler's loupe that mounts on your glasses. It makes things easier.

    blairweaver - Reply

    This is not correct. You need the pentalobe tool at this point.

    Duane Hellums - Reply

  1. Wedge your fingers between the display and the lower case and pull upward to pop the lower case off the Air.
    • Wedge your fingers between the display and the lower case and pull upward to pop the lower case off the Air.

    • Remove the lower case and set it aside.

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    • Use the flat end of a spudger to pry both short sides of the battery connector upward to disconnect it from its socket on the logic board.

    • Bend the battery cable slightly away from the logic board so the connector will not accidentally contact its socket.

    This is the same as step 3 isn't it?

    No Name - Reply

    • Remove the following five screws securing the battery to the upper case:

      • Two 5.2 mm T5 Torx screws

      • One 6 mm T5 Torx screw

      • Two 2.6 mm T5 Torx screws

    Don’t be like me! Make sure you use the *other* screw driver, not the one you took the case off with. I got five of them out with the wrong screwdriver, stripped the head on the sixth, got it out with a screw extractor, cut a new slot in it so I could use a normal flat head screw driver on it to put it back in, and then realized….

    Sarah Stockton - Reply

    • When handling the battery, avoid squeezing or touching the six exposed lithium polymer cells.

    • Lift the battery from its edge nearest the logic board and remove it from the upper case.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This looks like an excellent how-to! Especially liked the location illustration of different length battery screws.

My only comment would be to have a tray ready to put the screws in - looks like they could easily be lost.

Leonard - Reply

Now my touchpad isn't working as well as before. Any ideas why?

todd rumaner - Reply

Dead on Accurate. Was very easy. I would change the rating from moderate to easy. The hardest part is getting the correct screw drivers.

Phil Blake - Reply

hello, is there any difference between A1370 (late 2010) battery part and a A1370 (2011) battery?

Carlo Mejia - Reply

I'm also wondering the same thing. Did you find the answer to your question? Thank you.

swj.sean -

The connector is in a different location, although the batteries are otherwise similar-looking (including using the same power connector shape.) Unfortunately the different connector position means the battery mounting screws can’t be installed while the wrong battery model is connected, which in turn means the case will not be able to close. I also don’t know whether there are rating or electronic interface differences that might cause problems.

Benjamin Wiley Sittler -

Followed this guide - very straightforward. I now have a late 2010 Macbook Air nicely running Lubuntu with a long battery life.

I would point out:

- be ready to clean dust from the inside of your Mac

- when re-inserting the battery connector, you need to bend it quite significantly so it is short enough to reach the connection pins

- screws are very small and easy to lose

Richard Hickling - Reply

Any suggestions on where to order a replacement battery for my MacBook Air 2010 A1370.

robert.sandfox - Reply

You can find batteries at MacSales (Other World Computing) by going to Shop All > Batteries & Battery Chargers and selecting your exact model Mac from the list. If you have questions you can chat with them directly to make sure you get the exact battery for your machine as not all batteries are the same.

As always, you’ll need to calibrate the new battery.

Hope this helps.

spearson -

so usefull thanks a lot,its my first time to open this model.

jhay-ar Quibar - Reply

I have followed these instructions and they worked. However, my battery connector has disconnected three times and have had to remove the bottom panel three times to reconnect the battery to the logic board. Any ideas on what I could do to keep this from happening? Thx.

Matt and Jaclyn Naegle - Reply

Great job, Andrew. Easy to follow, very straightforward. Thank you for your contributions.

Gary S - Reply

Super easy! Laptop plugged in and charging - can’t wait to see how it does. Thanks!

Sarah Stockton - Reply

Worked like a charm, excellent instructions and great visual tools. Thanks! One less computer for the land fill :)

penders - Reply

Got the replacement from Amazon with 5stars rating…followed the instructions to the T…still not charging nor powering up..does it matter if I use my 15inch charger to charge it, same year…

deejaycoke2 - Reply

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