The Mac Pro (Early 2008) computer can accommodate four hard drives in its four internal hard drive bays. In most configurations, a single SATA hard drive occupies the far left bay (bay 1). You can install additional SATA drives in the second, third, and fourth hard drive bays. Or you can install up to four SAS drives.


No parts required.

  1. Shut down the computer.
    • Shut down the computer.

    • Warning: Always shut down the computer before opening it to avoid damaging its internal components or the components you are installing. Do not open the computer or attempt to install items inside it while it is on.

    • Wait 5 to 10 minutes to allow the computer’s internal components to cool.

    • Warning: After you shut down the system, the internal components can be very hot. You must let the computer cool down before continuing.

    • Unplug all external cables from the computer except the power cord.

    • Touch the metal PCI access covers on the back of the computer to discharge any static electricity from your body.

    • Unplug the power cord.

    • Put on an ESD wrist strap.

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  2. 1) Hold the side access panel and lift the latch on the back of the computer.
    • 1) Hold the side access panel and lift the latch on the back of the computer.

    • Warning: The edges of the access panel and the enclosure can be sharp. Be very careful when handling them.

    • 2) Remove the access panel and place it on a flat surface covered by a soft, clean cloth.

    • Replacement Note: Make sure the latch is in the up position before replacing the access panel. If the latch is down, the access panel will not seat correctly in the enclosure.

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    • The hard drives must meet the following specifications:

      • Type: Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) or Serial ATA (SATA) 3 Gb/s

      • Width: 3.9 inches (102 mm)

      • Depth: 5.7 inches (147 mm)

      • Height: 1.0 inch

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    • Important: To install SAS drives in a Mac Pro (Early 2008) computer, you must also install the optional Mac Pro RAID Card.

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    • Before you begin, open the computer, and lay it on its side with the access side facing up.

    • Important: Make sure the latch on the back panel is in the up position. When the latch is down, the hard drives and carriers are locked in place and you will not be able to remove them.

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    • Make sure the latch on the back panel is up, so that the drives and carriers are unlocked.

    • Pull the hard drive out of the drive bay.

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    • If you are replacing the hard drive with a new drive, remove the four screws that mount the 3. drive to the carrier and mount the new drive in the carrier.

    • Important: Hold the drive by its sides. Be careful not to touch the printed circuit board on the bottom of the drive.

    • Replacement Note: Slide the carrier and drive over the guides and into the drive bay, until you feel the drive snap into place.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Success - I just wanted to remove the hard drive because my poor old Mac Pro has more problems than I can deal with. I wish the solution were as simple as replacing the hard drive, but at least I have that to reuse if I wish.

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