Potentially Dangerous
Injury may result if this procedure is not followed properly. Use caution and follow all warnings.


Follow this guide to replace the hard drive in your Macintosh Powerbook 140 computer. Always ensure all of your parts are compatible and will not damage your computer or pose any health or safety hazards. Always make sure you keep track of all parts. Wash hands thoroughly after handling components. Most of all, USE COMMON SENSE.

NOTE- I am no computer expert. Please notify me of any errors or necessary changes. Thanks!

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No tools required.

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  • Begin by locating the correct type of battery. A simple internet search or a glance at Amazon.com should bring the right results. BE SURE THAT THE BATTERY IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE COMPUTER. Not doing so could result in injury.

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  • Slide the battery panel ( or switch, depending on the battery) on the left side of the computer so the battery is in the "Unlocked" position. Pull the battery straight out. Put in the new battery and slide the panel/switch to the "Locked" position.

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It is not required, but I always find it useful to save the old battery, lest you need it later. Unless the battery is leaking, or poses some other health/safety issue(in which case dispose of it in the proper manner), store it in a battery-safe environment.

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