A dead battery can be an inexpensive fix for devices that will not charge, or have a short battery life. This guide will show you how this part can be replaced.

  1. Locate the ends of the speaker.
    • Locate the ends of the speaker.

    • Put a plastic opening tool in-between the rubber end and the mesh.

    • Apply a upward force in order to pry open the end.

    • Apply this procedure to the other side as well.

    • Will take force.

    • Using metal tools may permanently mar your device.

  2. Take the Jimmy and pry up the rubber strip that has the volume buttons on it.
    • Take the Jimmy and pry up the rubber strip that has the volume buttons on it.

    • You will hear clicks as it pries up, don't worry.

    • Remove all the rubber you pried off.

    • Use tweezers to lift end of plastic retainer on edge of mesh out of its channel.

    • Work the plastic retainer out of the channel all the way around the speaker.

    • Be gentle, it is easy to damage the fabric.

    • Repeat for other side.

    • Pull up on the top cover which contains the auxiliary and USB ports in order to remove it from the base.

    • Pull on white strip to remove battery.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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There is a way to take it apart without all these steps and a complete tear down.

Brian Longhurst - Reply

How to ensure it’s waterproof upon reassembly?

mdeblasi - Reply

This is huge overkill. Only the bottom cap and circuit board need to be removed for a battery replacement.

coryjohnson011 - Reply

^ the person who says that you only need to remove the one end-cap to replace the battery is correct. The process outlined in this article is more likely to damage all the fabric and other end-cap than just opening one end and gently prying it back until you can slide out the battery. FYI, the pull tab on my battery broke right off, and I had to pull it out with pliers.

sizz0p - Reply

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