The scroll wheel on this gaming mouse has holes in it that the optical sensor uses to detect when the wheel is turning. If dirt or other foreign material covers the sensor or the holes, the scroll wheel will stop working or may only work intermittently. This guide will demonstrate how to open the mouse and take the wheel assembly apart for cleaning.

Use a thin blade to peel up the corners and remove the mouse feet. They re-adhere very well, so be careful to not damage them or get the sticky side dirty.
  • Use a thin blade to peel up the corners and remove the mouse feet. They re-adhere very well, so be careful to not damage them or get the sticky side dirty.

  • Unscrew the three screws that are now visible.

  • Gently pull apart the top and bottom halves of the mouse. They will be connected by a wire.

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Slide the scroll wheel up and out of the housing.
  • Slide the scroll wheel up and out of the housing.

  • Take the scroll wheel assembly apart and clean off any obvious debris.

  • Look through each of the holes in the scroll wheel to check for debris that could be obstructing the optical sensor. Use a needle to clean out any obstructions.

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  • Optional: If there is any material near the base of the mouse, under the scroll wheel, the sensor chip can be unscrewed and removed.

  • Use a gas duster to remove any remaining dust from inside the mouse.

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  • Reassemble the scroll wheel.

  • If done correctly, the wheel should click while scrolling. The wheel should not spin freely.

  • Optional: Before reinserting the scroll wheel peg, apply lubricant if needed.

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  • Slide the scroll wheel back down into its housing.

  • Make sure that the spring is aligned correctly.

  • Place the top half of the mouse back on to the bottom half and screw the mouse together.

  • Stick the mouse feet back on to their respective locations.

Worked, wheel is working extra smooth. But the wheel is extra smooth, but there is no clicking sound that comes are regular steps. I feel like dropped some tiny spare part from the wheel-sensor assembly while taking it part. But I am not complaining! Thanks to the author who helped me get my favourite mouse back. This mouse is atleast 7 years old, and fit my hands very well. A new replacement with same dimensions and design features would cost me a great deal of money here in India.

Rohan Rydre - Reply


Plug the mouse back in to a computer and test for responsiveness. If the mouse wheel is clean but still does not function, contact Logitech support.

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It worked! Thank you so much!

laurieannismorgan - Reply

got my scroll wheel back from just being intermittent. nice guide for the best mouse ever made. All hail the mighty MX518, shotter of many heads, destroyer of Skyrim, Diablo I,II,III and lately bearer of the Witchers mighty blades. HAIL HAIL HAIL MX518!!!

aer0squid - Reply

My mouse went from scrolling just fine to nothing overnight. This helped a lot, but sadly its still not 100%. :(

Jimmy Kupczak -

Worked like a charm. Thanks. I really like this mouse and didn't want to have to get used to another one.

Charles Mercer - Reply

Fantastic!!! I've been really reluctant to replace my MX510 mouse -- your teardown of this one (which the internals appear to be identical anyway) was perfect!

My mouse is running like brand new again!

Raymond Morgan - Reply

Immensely helpful, probably wouldn't have been able to put the mouse back together without this

Dresius - Reply

Great guide! Scrolling was "skipping" on my MX518 after 7 years of use and these instructions helped me reassemble after I cleaned untold amounts of lint and debris from inside. Would have probably given up on the finicky scroll wheel mechanism and discarded a perfectly good mouse if not for this guide...

chstamos - Reply

Same problem here, but i had to change a 150ohm Resistor as well (0805 package). As crazy as it sounds it was cracked and the wheel was completely dead, that's what happens with a +10 year old mouse i guess, all sorts of weird things can occur. Oh and you can salvage parts from certain older Logitech ball mice like micro-switches and wheel mechanism, internally it's the same design !

Seb - Reply

Thanks for your help. Here are some notes on cleaning the MX600 scroll wheel that differ from your instructions:

1. There are 4 pads and 4 screws - lift each the teflon pad and the double-sided tape that's underneath to reach the screws.

2. The scroll wheel design is quite different - best to remove the mounting screw near the front of the mouse to remove the wheel assembly.

3. The wheel can be popped out of the assembly with care - NOTE that the inner hub has a tiny SPRING LOADED BALL BEARING!!!

So open it over a clean space (I lost the ball bearing twice while trying to re-assemble it).

4. To re-assemble the wheel assembly, hold the hub so the ball is sitting on the spring at the very top and then tip and lower the wheel over it.

KaZoom 1618 - Reply

Really nice guide! got my partner in crime MX518 back operational for further scrolling work.

Stijn Deblancq - Reply

Thanks! Clear and easy instructions, and I was able to repair (ie clean) the insides of my mouse and now it scrolls again like new. Thank you!

kelise72 - Reply

Helpful guide. Clarity made it so simple for a beginner like me, and I believe everyone would agree on this. Thanks so much, I was able to fix the scroll wheel of my MX 518 mouse. And it's back on. Mercy!

Update: I have started facing a new problem on my MX 518. Buttons, and scroll wheel are working perfectly fine. However, the cursor does not move. LED light is off too. Any guidance to fix this issue would also be highly appreciated. Thank you! :)

Muhammad Wali - Reply

Nice one Ben, I've been using my mouse for a few years on an Auto CAD workstation. brilliant thing but the scroll was playing around (used for zoom in and out) so I used this guide to clean it. I think I accidentally cleaned the underside so it's a bit quicker now and need to adjust, ha! Brilliant stuff, thank you very much.

Chris - Reply

I’m getting massive disconnections on the mouse and feel there is a cable connection issue but the cable from the USB port to the mouse is in perfect condition. I have to twist the cable at the mouth of the mouse to make it turn back on. It’s random. Can this guide help?

Hassan Gulzar - Reply

Great guide, thanks! My MX518 is about 7 years old and 5 of those are with a dog in the house. There was an unprecedented amount of lint and hair stuck around the wheel inside the mouse. Now my trusty old mouse will get a few more miles in the counter!

Chioda Oridia - Reply

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