No parts required.

  1. Open the built-in kickstand.
    • Open the built-in kickstand.

  2. Remove the sticker located directly under the the built-in kickstand to reveal two 0.75 mm screws.
    • Remove the sticker located directly under the the built-in kickstand to reveal two 0.75 mm screws.

    • Remove the microSD card slot cover.

    • Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the three 0.75 mm screws.

    • Orient the device so the screen is facing you.

    • Carefully insert the spudger along the seam between the screen and back cover and gently separate the back cover from the device frame.

    • Continue to detach the backplate from the frame by moving the spudger around the perimeter.

    • Some force will be required to detach the small plastic braces securing the backplate to the device.

    • Remove the 3 screws in the auxiliary port cover and lift the plastic piece.

    • Carefully pull back the auxiliary module to move it out of the way.

    • Remove the plastic block in front of the hinge.

    • Use a spudger to pry the locking mechanism.

    • Lift and pull to detach the battery compartment.

    • Use tweezers to lift the tape covering the screw.

    • If using sharp-ended tweezers, try to avoid damaging the thin tape material.

    • Use a small phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screw.

    • Open the cover and remove the battery.

    • Pay careful attention to the battery's cable located on the opposite size during removal.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Very good. Nice operation. For me it takes 10 minutes for get the battery out the device and 4 minutes to replace all. Thanks!!

Adriaan Velleman - Reply

Seem to be missing the step where you disconnect the battery. That seemed real important as I'm sitting here with the tablet in bits trying to see how to do that bit.

matt hoppo - Reply

Matt, I just pulled mine apart and the problem might be that you have a different revision of your tablet. Mine had three screws on the backplate but one of them is next to, not in the sd card slot, and there were only 2 screws on the “aux port" (speaker for me) not three.

If so, I had to remove the camera module to get the battery cabling free, it is threaded through a shared camera/kickstand bracket that looks permanent. Removing the camera was creepy, it takes more force than I like, but doable:

Pull the camera wiring harness from the motherboard, unscrew, I'm my case, everything in that area, I have broken enough stuff because of missed screws. The camera itself has 2 screws holding it down via the same plate that the battery cable snakes through. After that it's just a lift/pry thing until the module pops out.

Wish I could put up some pictures but I don't see a way, hope this helps you or anyone else. This tablet is easier to get into then most, but it would be easy to fubar on this if not careful.

rfrostling -

Hi, I have a problem with the battery of lenovo yoga tab 3 10.1 and need a replacement for it. Could any one please let me me know where I can get the battery?

Prasad - Reply

Thank you for sharing this information about Lenovo tablets.

robin son - Reply

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