As time passes, a battery loses its capability to hold a single charge. This guide will aide users in removing the back panel to reach and replace the faulty battery. Remember to turn the laptop off prior to the repair.

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  • With a 1.5mm hex screwdriver, remove ten 6.35mm screws from the back of the laptop

I had to use a T6 Torx screwdriver T6 Torx Screwdriver

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  • Carefully separate back panel from laptop.

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  • Once you have completed the prerequisite guide, locate the battery of the laptop. Remember to disconnect the battery.

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  • Using a #00 Philips Precision Screwdriver, remove the seven 3.175mm screws that hold the battery in place (six on the outside, one in the middle).

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  • There will be a clip that connects the battery to the rest of the laptop. Unclasp this clip by inserting tweezers into the connection to completely free the battery.

The wire removal is mentioned in step 6, but not shown or discussed. The black antenna wire was taped in 3 spots

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  • Once all of the wires are detached, carefully remove the battery and replace.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Do not fall for this $@$*. I just went and bought a 1.5mm hex screwdriver and it did not fit. Don't be fooled like I was...

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The first comment is entirely correct. The screws require a TORX screwdriver, NOT a HEX screwdriver. I bought several from RS Components (in the UK). The best fit was a torx #5 (number 5, sometimes described as a "T5", £2.77 from RS Components).

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