If your trackpad for the Lenovo Thinkpad X220 is working improperly, this guide will help you remove and replace the trackpad.


Turn laptop over to expose the battery.
  • Turn laptop over to expose the battery.

  • Slide and unlock the sliders while removing the battery casing at the same.

  • Place battery in a safe spot.

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Grab the Phillips screwdriver with the JIS, J00 head.
  • Grab the Phillips screwdriver with the JIS, J00 head.

  • Remove all screws on the backside where the battery was removed.

  • You should have 10 screws total.

  • Place the 10 screws in a safe spot.

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  • Remove the plate next to the battery.

  • Remove the side panel.

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  • Close laptop.

  • Flip laptop over to battery side is facing down.

  • The screen needs to be open when separating the keyboard and trackpad from the base.

  • Using the Metal Spudger, place between the trackpad and the keyboard and lift up to remove.

  • Pull keyboard towards yourself.

  • Grab the tab on the ribbon wire, pull off to release the keyboard.

You need to push the keyboard toward the screen (a few mm) before you try to lift it.

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  • Now, you can get to the trackpad ribbon wire.

  • The trackpad ribbon wire in blue, unhinge the clamp to release the blue ribbon wire.

  • Get a hold of the trackpad and pull up and out of the laptop.

  • Carefully slide new trackpad into the hinges.

  • With the keyboard, clamp the ribbon back into place.

  • Slide replacement keyboard in.

  • Press the sides of the keyboard to secure placement.

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  • New trackpad is now ready to be used, make sure it is in place and secure.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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