If you notice your computer is running louder then it usually is, you likely have a dust problem. Use this guide to clear the dust out of the fan and heatsink.

Turn off the computer and close the lid.
  • Turn off the computer and close the lid.

  • Remove the three M2.0 x 11mm screws circled in blue.

    • Put them in a container--bowl, etc.--so they don't get lost.

  • Remove the eight M2.0 x 5mm screws circled in red.

    • Put them is a separate container.

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Carefully remove the back cover by pulling up on the edges from all sides.
  • Carefully remove the back cover by pulling up on the edges from all sides.

    • Do not pull too hard on one side of the cover as it may cause cracking.

  • Place the cover to the side

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  • Use a Small M2.5 Phillips Screwdriver to remove the 2 M2.5 x 4.45 mm screws surrounding the fan.

    • Carefully place these screws to the side, separately from the screws from part one.

  • This screw has a warranty seal covering it. You may void the warranty by disassembling the system further. If you are concerned about the warranty, use compressed air with the laptop partially disassembled.

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  • Remove the wires from the side of the fan.

  • Carefully unhook each grouping from the small black tabs on the fan

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  • Carefully pull out the small white plug connecting the fan to the motherboard

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  • This step is not required.

  • Use a small screwdriver to pull upwards on the tab connecting the white ribbon wire to the board.

  • Carefully lift up the white cable and unhook the fan from the black peg.

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  • Carefully Lift the fan out of the computer and place it on a clean surface.

    • As you lift up the left side, you will have to apply some force to overcome the adhesive on the bottom.

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  • Use compressed air or a vacuum with a tube to clean out the dust from the fan.

  • If you wish to replace the fan, set the old fan to the side, and complete the reassembly using your replacement.

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To reassemble, complete the steps in reverse order. Make sure you fully close the back panel of the laptop before turning it on.

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