This guide provides instructions on how to replace your broken home key and power & volume buttons on your LG Optimus T.

  • Working on your device while it is turned on may result in electric shock. Make sure to shut down and unplug your device before you begin.

  • Using a prying device, such as a Spudger, remove the phone's back cover. At the top of the phone, there's an indentation to put the Spudger into to pop the case off.

I would use an image for this first step. I think you have the image at the top, but it would be useful to see it in this step as well. Also, the first step can be broken down into two individual steps.

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Remove the battery. There's an indentation to the left of the camera lens to pull up on the battery with your finger.
  • Remove the battery. There's an indentation to the left of the camera lens to pull up on the battery with your finger.

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  • Use a J0 screwdriver to remove the six 4.5 mm screws.

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  • Remove interior case. Insert the spudger into the indentations at the top or bottom of the phone to pry off the interior case.

  • You might have difficulty popping the case off. You may use the metal spudger if the plastic one fails. Be cautious when using it, as the metal spudger may damage your phone.

For clarity, I would make use of the markers to show where the indentations are or what they look like.

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  • Remove power button found on top of the phone.

  • Remove the volume button found on the side of the phone.

  • There is an indentation that has been marked near the edge that part of the volume button inserts in to. You will use this when reassembling your phone.

  • When reassembling your phone, place buttons on the metal nodes that have been marked.

Combine the first step into one sentence.

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  • Pull up on connector tab.

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  • Remove SD card mount. Insert a plastic opening tool on the right side to pop off.

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  • There are 4 retaining points to insert a plastic opening tool into and pop off panel.

I think it will be important to note where the retaining points are. Make use of the markers for that specific step.

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  • Remove 2 black J0 Phillip's head 1.8 mm screws from charging port.

  • Charging port and motherboard are connected.

  • Remove motherboard.

For the information marker, is there something that needs to be disconnected between the charging port and motherboard?

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  • Pop off home buttons.

I would maybe add an additional step or some clarification instead of just one last step.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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