The battery can be used to hold a charge that powers the watch for a period of time.

Power off your watch before disassembling it.
  • Power off your watch before disassembling it.

  • Place the watch upside down on a hard surface so that its back case is facing upright.

  • Use a T4 Torx Star screwdriver to remove the four 4.0 mm Torx screws from the corners of the back case.

So i bought a torx t5…but it is tooo big. It must br torx t4

Jetze Kooistra - Reply

Use a plastic opening tool to pry open the back case from both sides of the watch.
  • Use a plastic opening tool to pry open the back case from both sides of the watch.

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  • Remove the back case.

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  • With a plastic opening tool, disconnect the four connectors on the top of the motherboard.

Where do I buy the parts? I already have your tools.

Marco Roman - Reply

  • Remove three 3.0 mm Phillips screws on the edges of the motherboard with a Phillips #000 screwdriver.

Add colored markup to indicate location of the 3 screws.

Patty Remmell - Reply

I felt like my #00 driver fit slightly better for these screws, but it probably depends on which toolkit or bit set you have.

J Suo - Reply

  • Grasp the edges of the motherboard and slide it slightly towards the right to remove it from its case.

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to pry the battery out of the device.

  • You may need to use a stronger prying force due to the adhesive that secures the battery to the case.

Thanks this was very helpful.

Oseghale Akhigbe - Reply

Thanks for your instructions

Gregory Francis - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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It did help, small correction - Use a T4 instead of T5 screw driver

Suyog Patki - Reply

On my G Watch R the T5 screw driver perfektly fits.

igor-sweet -

I second the fonejoy link, got it delivered from them very quickly. And I also second what Suyog said regarding the Torx screwdriver, on my own watch I needed a T4, the T5 didn't work, but I had a set so I was okay.

Mike - Reply

Perfekt Instruktion only the estimated time of 5 minutes ist very ambigous lol. Thanks a lot

Martin Becker - Reply

Did you guys retain water resistance after the battery swap?

Viktor Nemeth - Reply

There is an o-ring type seal connected to the backplate. As long as you are careful when taking the backplate off and also make sure that the channel this fits into when you re-assemble is clean, you should be OK. It’s only about 1mm from the edge of the backplate, so don’t dig too deep with your loosening tool when taking the plate off.

Andy Wray -

The above instructions worked fine for me as someone who has never done anything like this before … watch is now back to being fully-operational with the latest version of android wear and great battery life. I too used fonejoy .. delivery within 24 hours :) I’d never tried re-connecting this type of PCB connector before and fiddled around for some time before realising that they click into place quite easily. This is probably a 30 minutes job for most of us rather than 5 minutes.

Andy Wray - Reply

Where can I get the battery.. Cos am in Benin

Daniel Danjeezy - Reply

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