This guide was developed to demonstrate and teach the proper way to replace the screen and digitizer of an LG Aristo MS210 version.

  1. Identify the problem.
    • Identify the problem.

  2. Remove back plating to expose the battery, sim card, and SD card (if applicable)
    • Remove back plating to expose the battery, sim card, and SD card (if applicable)

    • Remove the battery.

    • Remove the Sim Card

    • If applicable remove the SD card.

    • Remove the ten screws with a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

    • Use finger nail or wedge to gently remove dust cover, and reveal the motherboard.

    • Detach the bottom cable from the socket.

    • Detach the cable from the socket.

    • Detach and move the cable out of the housing.

    • Remove the motherboard.

    • Remove the front facing camera (top)

    • Remove the audio jack (bottom)

    • Place components onto new screen/ digitizer.

    • Reattach back plating.

    • Use mini screwdriver to firmly attach back plating (10) screws.

    • Reattach insert SD card, Sim card, and battery.

    • Reattach back cover.

    • Power on mobile device and make sure everything works properly.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does the charging port can be replaced?

Mandy - Reply

What if my touch screen doesn't work after replacement? I can see start up screen. It just doesn't respond to my touch. Please help!! Thanks

Athena - Reply

4 Possible answers to this:

1. The digitizer is bad - this is uncommon but not unheard of. Roughly %5 of the screens my shop gets in are bad. Most distributors accept returns on defective parts.

2. The digitizer isn’t plugged in to the board

3. The digitizer port on the motherboard is damaged - this can be tested by trying a known good screen.

4. Software issues. This is most common in iPhones, in my experience. So far as I understand, parts can have hardware identifiers similar to a MAC address. Suddenly changing the hardware can “confuse” the software. You can try a force reset or resetting the phone.

James Heinrich -

reconnect the motherboard and make sure its properly replaced

Travis Lasta - Reply

I guess this is different than older phones where the digitizer and lcd were separate and when you cracked it you could just buy a new digitizer and replace it without having to buy the lcd with the digitizer.? am I correct in this fact because I see that you can buy the black or white Screen replacement with the lg logo without having to buy the lcd is the screen replacement just like a glass protector for the digitizer and lcd? Like a built in glass screen protector that you would normally add on to stop scratches and a cracked screen or is the screen replacement the digitizer like say the lg optimus f60 and the lg motion where the outer screen with the lg logo and the black part of the screen were part of the digitizer?

Steve Hill - Reply

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