This guide will help you fix a problem where the battery connection comes loose causing the Kobe Vox to not boot

You can also use this guide to replace the battery entirely.


No parts required.

  1. Your Kobo Vox
    • Your Kobo Vox

  2. The back of your Kobo Vox
    • The back of your Kobo Vox

    • Slide your plastic opening tool along the edge of the back cover to pop it open.

    • The back cover should start to pop open like this.

    • During Reassembly this is where the plastic snaps are located on the back cover. They will have to be lined up in order for it to snap back into place correctly.

    • This is what the inside of your Kobo Vox should look like

    • If the battery connector looks like this, it may not be making perfect contact, and your tablet may not turn on properly.

    • Push the connector as far into its socket as you can.

    • You can put a piece of tape over this connector if you are afraid it will disconnect again.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. All you have to do is snap in the back cover.

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hoe and where do I get replacement battery

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