Before starting this make sure to heat the soldering iron to a correct temperature and delicately take care of the electrical board.

  1. Resonator Removal:
    • Resonator Removal:

      • Open the speaker enclosure by twisting the circular portion of the enclosure until it reaches the maximum height possible.

      • This will allow access to four screws to be removed in the next step.

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  2. Screw Removal:
    • Screw Removal:

      • Remove the four 1.2 cm screws at the base of the enclosure using a Philips head screwdriver.

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    • Base Separation:

      • Separate the resonator portion from the base of device. The enclosure will now be in two pieces. This will reveal the middle separator of the enclosure.

      • Gently hold the resonator portion of the enclosure aside making sure to not apply tension on the black and red wires coming from the bottom portion of the device.

      • Excessive force may disconnect the black and red speaker wires from the circuitry in the bottom portion of the device.

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    • Circuit Board Removal:

      • Separate the bottom portion of the enclosure further by pulling vertically on the red portion of the bottom of the enclosure .

      • Once this part has been separated, gently set it aside along with the resonator section. Continue to make sure that there is no tension on the red and black wires coming from the circuit board.

      • Remove the circuit board by lifting and sliding the board by the back end, opposite to the LED indicator, away from the LED indicator.

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    • LED Locating

      • Locate the three prongs on the LED indicator light on the circuit board.

        • Prongs should be found on edge of board directly behind the LED light.

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    • Soldering

      • Heat soldering iron to operating temperature.

      • Use caution as to not harm yourself when using the hot iron.

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    • Prong Removal

      • (Picture in this step shows for speaker wire but can also be applied for the removal of each prong.)

      • Removing three prongs, one at a time, heat the shiny solder point for first prong.

      • Using tweezers, pull prong directly up from circuit board to remove prong.

      • Repeat the previous until each prong has been removed.

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    • Replacement

      • Obtain new LED component from manufacturer.

      • Perform the steps in reverse order to reconnect the new LED to the circuit board.

        • If not sure how to solder please refer to an online manual.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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