Before starting this make sure to heat the soldering iron to a correct temperature and delicately take care of the electrical board.

Resonator Removal:
  • Resonator Removal:

    • Open bass resonator.

    • Twist circular resonator until it reaches maximum height extension.

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Screw Removal:
  • Screw Removal:

    • Remove the four 1.2 cm screws at the base of the resonator using a Philips head screwdriver.

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  • Base Separation:

    • Separate the resonator portion from the base of device to reveal the middle casing.

    • Gently lift the middle layer to remove the black separator plate.

      • Excessive force may damage the black and red speaker wires and the function of your device.

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  • Circuit Board Removal:

    • Lift the black separator plate to reveal the circuit board.

    • Remove the circuit board by lifting and sliding the board by the back end, opposite to the LED indicator, away from the LED indicator.

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  • LED Locating

    • Locate the three prongs on the LED indicator light on the circuit board.

      • Prongs should be found on edge of board directly behind the LED light.

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  • Soldering

    • Heat soldering iron to operating temperature.

    • Use caution as to not harm yourself when using the hot iron.

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  • Prong Removal

    • (Picture in this step shows for speaker wire but can also be applied for the removal of each prong.)

    • Removing three prongs, one at a time, heat the shiny solder point for first prong.

    • Using tweezers, pull prong directly up from circuit board to remove prong.

    • Repeat the previous until each prong has been removed.

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  • Replacement

    • Obtain new LED component from manufacturer.

    • Perform the steps in reverse order to reconnect the new LED to the circuit board.

      • If not sure how to solder please refer to an online manual.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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