Use this guide to separate the screen from the screen support unit.

With the small plastic opening tool, undo the plastic clips around the back lid.
  • With the small plastic opening tool, undo the plastic clips around the back lid.

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Gently lift the bottom and pull as the rest of the plastic guides are on a track.
  • Gently lift the bottom and pull as the rest of the plastic guides are on a track.

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  • Remove these five 2 mm screws using a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

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  • Using the flat end of your spudger, gently pry the battery up and remove it.

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  • Remove the indicated four 2 mm screws with a Phillips #00 screwdriver. (Units with the 3G assembly have Phillips #000 screws.)

  • Next, gently lift the 3G assembly with a Spudger or your fingers.

  • This Kindle Touch is the WiFi only model and comes with a plastic placeholder instead of the 3G assembly.

  • Disconnect the antenna lead by carefully prying it off the 3G board with a plastic tool.

The 3G model has an antenna connector near the top left on the underside.

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  • Remove the six 4 mm screws in order to access the front plate. Use a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to pry the top three sides of the bezel. Since there is glue under the bezel, gently pivot the face at the bottom off the Kindle and slide the clips out.

  • The clips can be easily bent. Do not try to force the clips out. If you do bend some, they can be bent back.

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  • Use your Phillips #00 srewdriver to remove the indicated screws.

  • There are three pairs of screws that are each different. The screws on the top corners are 4 mm #00 Phillips screws, the screws on the bottom corners are 2 mm #00 Phillips screws, and the black bottom center screws are 6 mm #00 Phillips screws.

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  • With the screws removed, gently remove the case from the internals.

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  • With the screen facing you, use your heated iOpener or other heating element to loosen the glue holding the WiFi unit to the screen. After 30 seconds, remove the heating element.

  • After the glue is loosened, use a thin tool, like a Spudger or small plastic opening tool, to separate the WiFi unit from the screen.

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  • With the motherboard facing you, use the pointy end of your Spudger to gently separate the two speaker's connectors.

  • This connector type requires being lifted out of place, not pulled. Accidentally pulling may damage the wires.

  • During reassembly, make sure the speaker's connectors are not pushed behind the motherboard.

  • Use your #00 Phillips Screwdriver to remove the seven 2 mm screws.

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  • Use a Spudger to separate the display's connector from the motherboard.

  • Gently remove the motherboard from the display support.

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  • Using your Metal Spudger, place the pointy end into the top of the clip.

  • Gently rotate the Spudger and lift the plastic unit to create a gap on the side.

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  • Use the Spudger in the gap to pry the clip open.

  • Repeat for the other clips.

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  • With the clips separated, gently guide the Screen's Motherboard Connector through the hole.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I would love to know where I can get the replacement screen. Any links?

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Good guide, thanks, finally, if you need to remove the screen itself from the black plastic frame you can do this inserting the spudger carefully between the screen and the black plastic frame and gradually moving it all round the frame. It will help if you put a heated silicon gel pack over each side before trying to release it

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