This part is accessible from the top of the device. There is no need to remove the base plate or deal with the internal components. The function of this needle is to puncture the k-cup in order for water to flow through to brew the coffee.

Locate the handle on top of the unit
  • Locate the handle on top of the unit

  • Locate the two Torx head screws on the underside of the handle. Remove them with a T15 screwdriver

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Bend the handle outward to remove
  • Bend the handle outward to remove

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  • While looking upwards from underneath the Keurig, remove the two 8mm Phillips #2 screws from underneath the black plastic "shroud".

  • Remove the black plastic "shroud" by pushing inwards and then pulling upwards to disengage the plastic hooks that are not visible.

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  • Remove the two 8 mm screws with a PH #1 screwdrver

  • Pull on the plastic tube to remove it

  • This will require a generous amount of force

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  • Remove the two 8mm screws with a PH #2 screwdriver.

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  • Pull out on the top component perpendicular to the top face as shown. It will pop out without too much effort.

  • The needle is now exposed on the bottom of the part being handled in this photo. Be careful where you grab this component, we recommend doing as we have done here. Grab the front "lip" of the component (see photo).

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  • This is the component that should detach after pulling down.

  • Be careful of the needle!

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  • On the bottom of the component is the exposed needle, which is now accessible.

  • If you remove the needle be careful as it may be sharp.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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