The record player is a device used to play music out loud using records. The process by which the device creates sounds is very simple. The record is placed on a turntable, and is continuously rotated. While this happens, a stylus senses grooves cut into the record. This creates vibrations which are in turn converted into electrical signals, and then into audible sound. The replacement of the cartridge and needle is one of the easier pieces to replace. In addition, no specific tools are reacquired to fix the issue.

Open the dust cover
  • Open the dust cover

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Next, lift up the clip that holds the tone arm in place and lift the tone arm out.
  • Next, lift up the clip that holds the tone arm in place and lift the tone arm out.

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  • The cartridge and needle is the red piece at the end of the tone arm. To remove it, simply grab the end on each side and pull back slowly. The piece should slide right off the tone arm

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  • Once you have the replacement piece it goes on slight different. Instead of it sliding back on, it clips back on. Once the new piece is secured back on it is good to go.


I recently purchased a Jensen turntable like this one. I want to know if there are other kind of compatible needle I can buy in the market to improve the quality of sound. Perhaps a diamond made needle.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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