This is a step-by-step guide to replace an LCD screen in a JVC GR-D290U camera.

  1. Remove camera battery. (Not shown.)
    • Remove camera battery. (Not shown.)

    • Remove 2 screws connecting back plate to camera base.

  2. Remove 2 screws on side opposite LCD screen.
    • Remove 2 screws on side opposite LCD screen.

    • Note: Open LCD screen for better access to screw. Reclose screen when finished.

    • Lift up dark gray tab on LCD side of camera and move it aside.

    • Remove screw under dark gray tab and then replace tab.

    • Place a plastic opening tool under seam of camera top cover and unsnap cover.

    • Pull top cover off camera base and set aside.

    • Remove 2 screws underneath top cover on LCD side of camera.

    • Remove 5 screws indicated on bottom plate of camera.

    • Open LCD screen and remove 2 screws at hinge of screen.

    • Remove plastic hinge cover from camera base.

    • Close LCD screen when finished.

    • Warning: Avoid unattaching internal wiring by prying camera apart slowly and carefully.

    • Start from bottom of camera. Press and hold eject button with one hand.

    • Use other hand to pry LCD screen cover from base. Leave labeled side closed.

    • Unattach white tab from LCD screen side of camera by gently tugging at base of tab.

    • Put larger camera base aside.

    • Remove 3 screws holding LCD screen hinge to base.

    • Remove 2 screws on green circuit board.

    • Warning: Orange band must stay attached to circuit board at all times.

    • Remove L-shaped metal piece from upper left-hand corner of circuit board.

    • Remove circuit board from cover piece and move aside with orange band intact.

    • Open LCD screen and carefully pull circuit board through empty hinge space.

    • Set aside larger LCD panel.

    • Remove 2 screws on hinge side of LCD screen.

    • Remove screw at side of LCD screen.

    • Pull open with plastic opening tool and pry apart.

    • Remove screw in circuit board.

    • Pull LCD screen pack from frame with circuit board on top.

    • Unattach LCD screen by firmly grasping copper tab and gently tugging until latch unsnaps.

    • Connect new LCD screen by fitting in the copper attachment site to the thin, black clasp on the circuit board.

    • Fold over black clasp and snap into place.

    • Note: You may need to use the plastic opening tool to snap thin black clasp into place.

    • Put LCD screen into the silver frame and make sure it lies flat. It should line up with two white, plastic brackets.

    • Place the black film frame lined up with the white film into the silver frame.Both should be held in place by tabs.

    • Place the circuit board over the film layers.

    • Double-check that the LCD screen lies flat in its frame and reinsert the circuit board screw.

    • Before reattaching LCD screen lid, make sure the silver hinge piece is inserted in slot next to circuit board.

    • Replace loose orange band in slot on hinge side of LCD screen.

    • Snap LCD screen lid back in place starting at side opposite hinge.

    • Reinsert shortest of 3 screws on top of screen cover opposite of hinge.

    • Reinsert 2 screws on hinge side of LCD screen.

    • Place loose circuit board back through empty hinge space.

    • Line up LCD screen in slot on camera base and snap into place.

    • Reinsert 3 screws along orange band to hold LCD screen to entire panel.

    • Reinsert circuit board in slot. Make sure to lock securely under tabs.

    • Reinsert L-shaped metal piece in slot. Line up with screw hole and protruding place holder.

    • Reinsert 2 screws in circuit board with the longer screw holding the L-shaped metal piece in place.

    • Reattach white tab by placing under thin, black slot and snapping back into place.

    • Carefully line up bottom of LCD panel and camera base and snap back into place.

    • Reinsert LCD screen hinge and 2 screws holding it in place.

    • Reinsert 5 screws on bottom panel of camera. The shortest screw needs to be put into the hole with the arrow pointing to it.

    • Reinsert 2 screws under top cover of LCD side of camera.

    • Move dark grey tab to ensure that top cover is not damaged.

    • Line up top cover on camera base and snap it back into place.

    • Reinsert screw under dark, grey tab on the LCD side of camera and replace tab.

    • Reinsert 2 screws on side opposite LCD side of camera.

    • Reinsert 2 screws connecting back plate to camera base.

    • Reinsert battery.

    • Turn on and test functionality.

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