Since the Micro USB / AUX Port connectors are super-glued into the white casing, it is nearly impossible to replace it without replacing the whole piece of casing. Follow this guide to isolate and replace the white casing containing the Micro USB / AUX Port.

  1. Make sure the device is powered off before you begin.
    • Make sure the device is powered off before you begin.

    • Separate the trim from the device using a jimmy or metal spudger.

  2. Use the PH1 screwdriver to remove the five 6 mm screws from the battery cover.
    • Use the PH1 screwdriver to remove the five 6 mm screws from the battery cover.

    • Remove the battery cover and set it aside.

    • Use a spudger to carefully remove the liquid electrical tape holding the battery inside the battery compartment.

    • Be careful to not puncture the battery, or damage the battery wire underneath the liquid electrical tape.

    • Use a metal spudger to pry the edge of the battery out of the device.

    • Lift the battery and remove the 16 mm PH2 screw underneath.

    • Notice the battery wire connecting the battery to the device. Attempting remove the battery completely could cause damage to the wire.

    • Remove the remaining four 16 mm screws from the white plastic casing using the PH2 screwdriver.

    • Start in a corner, where the casing and the side meet. Use a pointed metal spudger to pry apart the glue holding these seams together.

    • Slide the metal spudger along these seams to separate the back casing from the rest of the speaker.

    • Once the device is open, disconnect the three white connectors from the motherboard.

    • Remove the upper casing.

    • Turn your attention to the back casing removed earlier.

    • Using a razor blade, remove the glue holding the battery cable in place.

    • Use multiple vertical cuts to remove pieces of the glue.

    • Be careful not to cut the battery cables.

    • Pull off the foam surrounding the battery cable.

    • Feed the battery cable through the hole and remove the battery.

    • This entire white piece needs to be replaced (if replacing the aux/usb port).

    • Open the device, and place the battery into the new white casing.

    • Reassemble the device.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi. This is the problem my speaker is having, but all I need to know is where to buy the replacement back. That's certainly something you should have included in your guide.

trevormeyer - Reply

The purpose of a guide is to show how to fix the device, not obtain parts. I suggest eBay.

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Joe Durand. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to share such an enlightening comment.

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Yeah what was the point of this if people can't actually do it. BS

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The point is to guide people on the replacement of parts, not obtaining parts. I suggest eBay.

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