Changing the oem battery into 18650 li-ion cell

Upgrade the capacity

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To get the battery out, you have to take out the right side radiator.
  • To get the battery out, you have to take out the right side radiator.

  • - Notice there is two plastic latches, you need to lift both up using some small metal part as the leverages

  • - While both latches are up and hold the speakers, trying to turn the radiator anti-clockwise

  • - This can be hard as first but no worry and there is no cable connect to the radiator

  • - As you turn about 1.5cm (or can not turn further), just take out the radiator cap

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  • Disconnect the cable connect to the battery to the board inside the speaker before taking out the battery

  • The JBL battery is Lithium Polymer

  • Brand: GreatPower

  • Model: GSP1029102A

  • Rating: 3.7V 6000mah 22.2 Wh

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  • Option A: is to purchase the exactly same battery then replace it. It is straight forward. No explain needed.

  • Option B (my choice): is to replace with the readily available Li-ion 18650 to save the time order from China and can be assured of the capacity.

  • I decide to pick up 3 cells from Panasonic 3400mah NCR-18650B. Two un-protected and one protected.

  • WARNINGS: make sure all the battery is same voltage before replacing in the speakers | CAREFUL not to short circuit them. Maybe balancing and equalize them.

will it be an issue if I use 3 Protected batteries instead of 2 Protected and 1 UnProtected?

Naseef Fatemi - Reply

  • You need to wire them in Parallel (i.e. 1s3p pack).

  • Two unprotect will be wired to the JBL BMS board. I solder the black wire to the B+ and the red wire to the B-.

  • For easier next time replacement, I only connect the battery by twist the color coded wires together and wrap with electrical tape

  • One unprotected cell will be in the original battery compartment inside the cell holder (as shown) connect to one side of the BMS board.

  • Two cell will be inside the speaker compartment behind the Bass Radiator. The unprotected one (right hand side radiator) will connect directly to the BMS board

  • The protected one (after I open and rearrange the PCB of the battery for better fit into the speaker compartment) will connect parallel to the protected one from other side of the bass radiator.

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  • For your reference. After Finished!

  • NOTEs:

  • I put a few pink foam to make sure no rattle of wires, secured everything and heats isolation (if any :))

  • The cell holder is glue to the battery compartment by silicon.

  • The cells in the battery compartment is just right side and just barely fit so will stay in place without any glue.

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  • Putting everything back in reverse order.

  • Careful with the screws, they can be easily stripped.

  • For a peace of mind, I use plumping tape to ensure 100% waterproof as after all we may have temperer/opened the original speaker seals.

  • Note: make sure everything complete seal, otherwise you will hear the rattles noise from the speakers when you play heavy bass songs.


Hi NGUYEN Anh, can i use 26650 5000mAh battery instead of 18650 3000mAh to replace the original battery? Soldering it to left and right of its BMS? Hope you reply the soonest! Thanks man. :D

MarHarBet - Reply

You think 26650 battery will fit? 26mm x 65mm? If you can try to fit it, i’ll finally buy this battery that clearly has more juice in it. :D

MarHarBet - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Cant i only replace the one 18650 battery? Or do I need These silver packs?

Robert Rpunkt - Reply

You probably can use only one 18650 battery but then your speaker will run out of juice much quicker ^^

The way I connect everything is parallel so if you only use one then just direct soldering to the positive and negative of BMS

Note that you can only charge the battery only when you connect the battery through BMS.



Just wow.. I have never seen an ifixit teardown that simply links to a YouTube video…. To make matters worse, the video isn't even informative… it is sped up and there is no voice over explaining what is going on…. Instead, you get some awful music playing… have you looked at other teardowns on this site to get an idea of what to do? Thanks for the effort, I guess, but back to the drawing board

Mike - Reply

Hi Mike, my intention is just want to show how to replace the battery. I think the tear down (the easy part) just would be more effective to see the video. Guess different views on the matter. The hardest part is to open the speaker bass radiator are shown and explained. But thank you for the feedbacks.


Hi! How are you? Some bottom leds are failing in my charge 3. Do you know if this could be repaired? Does it afect any other function? Thank you! Dario.

Dario Perales - Reply

Hi, I do not know if you can replace the bottom leds. My guess it would not affecting the function of your speaker, you can test when open it up and checking the charge on the battery to see before charging and after charging is 3.7 volts. Meaning it is charging and how long the speakers battery should last 10 hrs per charge on high volume.


can u both use the stock battery and 18650 battery ? thanks

nuelanianatienza - Reply

You can use either stock or this way 18650 batteries. But this way will increased the capacity!


Is it okay to use 3 protected batteries instead of 2 unprotected and 1 protected? Would that make any difference in the process or connections?

ankush4play - Reply

It's perfectly fine, I have done that and be using for almost 1 year now. The capacity is greatly increased and living it ;) of course for safety you can use 3 protected (however you need to pay attention to the limited space you can fit in the internal of the charge 3)


Hi can you please post a diagram on how to connect 3 protected batteries? I have no knowledge in batteries so im really confused. Thanks.

Bart Bernabe - Reply

Its quite simple with the 3 protected batteries. They are exactly the same with the 3 unprotected. You just need to connect red to - sign and the black to + sign.

The only thing is that you need to open up the protected part out to separate and electrical taping the wires in the correct terminal. I play around a bit.


Can i just use 2 batteries? I will connect one battery on + and negative on the left side of the board and the other battery on the right side of the board? Do i still need to wire both batteries to each other or not?

bartjeb_21 -

hi, off course you can still use only 2 batteries. not a problem. Only the capacity will not as good as original (bit less).

If two batteries then, just connect one on the right and one on the left of the board. :)


Guess that NGUYEN Anh is Vietnamese, may I have your contact? My JBL Charge 3 need to replace the battery now.

Contact me via email please

love_you_forever67 - Reply

haha, the name is obvious. You live in SG?


Yes, waiting for your email. Need to replace the batter asap.

love_you_forever67 -

if you would like to replace then plz contact my email, I’ll help and guide in my best knowledge but do not have time to do it for you :)



It’s great idea, but in my Charge 3’s passive bass radiator was stopped! Not fit for mine!

Albert Einstein - Reply

What do you mean?


Why not? The JBL impruve his only battery fitting?

Albert Einstein - Reply

After reading more intensively on equalizing more than 1 battery together, even if they are protected, its my conclusion that this project while seemingly fun might be more trouble than its worth. Its best to just buy an upgraded battery.

Mech nen - Reply

I do not think so, because with extensive usage. My battery will die out after 1 year, plus with new model coming out, the stock battery will no longer available. So using 18650 batteries is best option. Once setup, just replace the batteries, even if they are not equalize probably, they are fine will definite last long. (also consider the cost is cheaper).


Thanks sir.

It works,i put 2 (18650) battery like you.

I'm happy with this..

Thank you…

Imam Abu tholib - Reply

Hi NGUYEN Anh, can i use 26650 5000mAh battery instead of 18650 3000mAh to replace the original battery? Soldering it to left and right of its BMS? Hope you reply the soonest! Thanks man. :D

MarHarBet - Reply

You think 26650 battery will fit? 26mm x 65mm? If you can try to fit it, i’ll finally buy this battery that clearly has more juice in it. :D

MarHarBet - Reply

Will replacing the battery effect the waterproofing in any way?

Prashant Arora - Reply

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