this guide is to show you how to open up your irulu walknbook windows 10 tablet.

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  • this is what you should end up like with the tab

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  • first remove the orange (or other colour) bezels from the side of the tab. the all have a small hole grip.

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  • on the back cover there is a glass cover that covers up the screws. be carefull when removing it because it might break. use small like credit cards to seperate it but still be very carefull.

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  • so the back cover seperates in to two parts. after removing the glass part the screws are visible. remove all of them. the back cover can pe removed very easily.

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  • you then end up with all the rest of the internal parts visible. now you can replace the battery or the display. there is also a 3g port slot but i haven't tried it out yet. let me know if this worked for you.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hey I have another question is it possible to replace the ram in it or no

jackroc21 - Reply

No that is not possible because the ram is soldered on the main board.

Dili -

where can I buy a replacement battery for this walknbook????

hushpuppy43 - Reply

Donde puedo comprar la batería ,no la encuentro.

will5551970 - Reply

Necesito comprar la batería para la irulu

Battery:7800 mAh irulu w1002

Donde la venden.

will5551970 - Reply

Can you please provide a link to a supplier for the battery?

Tom Jameson - Reply

Would you please provide more info on how to remove back cover.

I can't seem to get a credit card in to separate the glass cover on the back.

Tom Jameson - Reply

dear sir

its possible to replace the HHD (Storage , Flash ROM ) ??

my walknbook storage fail in windows installation.

Mohammad Baseer - Reply

No bro u can reinstall windows

Wasim Khan -

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