Looking to replace your burnt out HID bulb and don't know how? In this installation guide we will teach you how to replace your OEM HID's to our iJDMTOY HID Replacement Bulbs. In a few steps you'll have the knowledge of replacing your bulbs all by yourself. This installation is based on D1S bulb size, but the same concept works for D3S and other HID bulbs as well.


No tools required.


  1. Open the hood and then locate the back of the headlights.
    • Open the hood and then locate the back of the headlights.

  2. Remove the cap covers behind the headlights.
    • Remove the cap covers behind the headlights.

    • Once you can see the OEM headlight bulb, twist and unlock to take it out.

    • For a lot of D1S and D3S, there's a bulb retainer, which you will need to remove.

    • Examine your stock bulb. Make sure that the labeling on the OEM bulb is the same as the new HID bulb.

    • For example, this particular vehicle uses D1S stock bulb. You'll need to make sure that the HID replacement bulb is also labeled as D1S.

    • D1S and D3S are not interchangeable, so if you find that the labeling does not match, you will need to exchange for the correct size.

    • Take a look at the pins inside of the bulb. You can see that there is 1 pin by itself, a gap, and then 2 pins together. When you connect the new HID headlight bulb to the adapter, the pin direction needs to match! Look closely at the adapter and you will see numbers denoting slots 1,2, and 4.

    • Make sure that the pins on the HID headlight bulb and the pin slots on the adapter directly match prior to connection. If you connect the HID headlight bulb and the adapter the wrong way, the connection will still go in, but the incorrect insert WILL cause the bulb to have issues such as not lighting up, flickering, or damage to your vehicle.

    • So before connecting the HID headlight bulb to the adapter, make sure that the pins from the HID headlight bulb match the corresponding open slots on the adapter.

    • Now you can install the HID headlight bulb back with the original retainer and then insert it back the same way you removed the OEM bulb.

    • Put all the components back in place and enjoy your new HID headlights.


As you can see, it's very straight forward to install. Installing this iJDMTOY HID Replacement Bulb will give you light when yours burnt out.

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