If your tablet speakers are not working or you would like them to work better, follow this guide to replace them.

Make sure device is powered off.
  • Make sure device is powered off.

  • Wedge the plastic opening tool anywhere in the seam between the back casing and screen.

  • Slide the plastic opening tool along the sides and corners of the seam of the device while it separates from the screen.

  • You will hear the popping sound of the plastic connections separating from the device.

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Lift the back casing away from the screen.
  • Lift the back casing away from the screen.

  • Set casing aside.

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  • There are two connections that attach the speakers to the motherboard.

  • Unplug the cables from the motherboard by gently pulling them away.

  • Speaker cables will be free to be removed.

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  • Remove the tape that is holding the speaker cables down.

  • Remove the speaker cables from underneath the black connector ribbons.

  • The cables are hooked underneath black connector ribbons; carefully unhook them.

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  • Gently pry both speakers away from adhesive with metal spudger tool.

  • Always use a nylon spudger or plastic opening tool before a metal spudger. Metal spudgers are great for serious prying power but can damage your device if used incorrectly.

  • The speakers can now be completely removed from the device.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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