This replacement guide will help you to remove and replace the cameras in your Insignia Flex 8 tablet. If your front or back-facing cameras are not working, or the photos are blurry, replacing the camera(s) may be the best way to fix this problem.


No parts required.

Make sure device is powered off.
  • Make sure device is powered off.

  • Wedge the plastic opening tool anywhere in the seam between the back casing and screen.

  • Slide the plastic opening tool along the sides and corners of the seam of the device while it separates from the screen.

  • You will hear the popping sound of the plastic connections separating from the device.

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Lift the back casing away from the screen.
  • Lift the back casing away from the screen.

  • Set casing aside.

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  • Gently peel all of the tape that is covering the cable connections going to and from the cameras. Set the tape aside for later reassembly.

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  • Locate camera ribbon connector.

  • Using finger flip up black flap of camera ribbon connector.

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  • Gently pull camera connector ribbon by hand until it separates from connector.

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  • Using metal spudger tool, gently pry right speaker away from adhesive.

  • Always use a nylon spudger or plastic opening tool before a metal spudger. Metal spudgers are great for serious prying power but can damage your device if used incorrectly.

  • Move right speaker to left side of device so you can freely access the camera ribbon.

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  • Using metal spudger tool, gently pry the rear-facing camera from the adhesive.

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  • Lift up connector ribbon that is attached to the cameras.

  • Slide cameras and connector ribbon out from underneath the speaker cords and battery.

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  • Remove connector ribbon and cameras from device casing.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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