The Hubsan X4 107L is a rugged, entry level quadcopter ideal for RC amateurs learning to fly. This is a complete teardown guide for the X4.

  1. Firmly grasp both sides of the battery connector and pull them apart.
    • Firmly grasp both sides of the battery connector and pull them apart.

    • Grip the battery and slide it out of the quadcopter body.

    • Do not pull on the wires. This could damage the battery or flight controller.

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  2. Orient the quadcopter so the propellers are on the bottom.
    • Orient the quadcopter so the propellers are on the bottom.

    • Remove the rubber shock absorbers from the motor mounts by hand.

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    • Use the prop removal tool to pry the propellers off the motors.

    • Each propeller and motor arm is labeled either "A" or "B" corresponding to whether the motor spins clockwise or counterclockwise. With the quad oriented with the front facing towards you:

      • "A" propellers are on the front left and back right motors.

      • "B" propellers are on the front right and back left motors.

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    • Use the wire cutter to remove any customized or aftermarket modifications holding the body together.

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    • Use a Phillips #000 screwdriver to remove the three screws securing the lower body to the frame.

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    • Carefully apply upward pressure on one of the motor arms while bending the body downwards to snap the lower body armpice out of place.

    • Repeat this step for all four arms. The lower body will separate from the main frame after snapping the fourth arm out of place.

    • You may need to bend the arm quite a bit to snap it out. This is a durability feature that allows the X4 to "crumple" in a crash without breaking.

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    • Use a soldering iron and solder wick to desolder the four motors from the control board.

    • If the connection holds even after removing the solder from the joint, gently pull up on the wire while applying heat to the joint until the wire separates from the PCB.

    • The motor wires are in either black-white or red-blue pairs.

    • CAUTION: Overheating the PCB can damage the traces, making it difficult or impossible to reconnect the components later on. Do not apply too much heat to the board; these traces are especially delicate due to their small size.

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    • Using a technique similar to desoldering the motor wires, disconnect the LEDs from the control board.

    • The LED connections use less solder than the motor joints, so solder wick is optional but not required for this step.

    • When reassembling the quadcopter, remember the LED's have red positive leads and bronze negative leads.

    You don't need to desolder the LED if you're moving the flight controller board to a different body.

    cross731 - Reply

    You may not have to, but I highly recommend it! The LEDs come out of the top of the top of the motor arms, while the flight controller drops out of the bottom of the quad. Unless you can push the LEDs down and out of their brackets you'll still need to desolder and deroute them to avoid putting strain on the leads or the flight controller when removing those components.

    Evan Noronha -

    • Use the tweezers to unthread the motor and LED wires from the quadcopter arms.

    • After unthreading all eight bundles of wires, the LEDs and motors are ready to remove.

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    • Use the tweezers to push the motors out of their housings.

      • Both the motor mounts and motors themselves have a small size variance. If it's difficult to push a motor out, ensure the wires are not caught on the frame and gently apply more force from the bottom until the motor begins to slide.

    • Once the motor is mostly out of the motor mount, grip it from the top and pull it straight out.

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    • Remove the LEDs using the spudger to widen their housing and nudge them up.

    • To free an LED from its housing, insert the spudger into the top section of the gap in the plastic revealing the side of the LED.

    • Simultaneously twist the spudger to widen the housing while pushing the LED up and out of the frame.

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    • Unlike the motors which had colored wiring to differentiate between CW and CCW spin, both the blue and red LEDs have a red positive leads and a bronze negative lead. Upon closer inspection, it looks like the heat shrink on the postive lead matches the LED color.

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    • Use the PH000 driver to remove the two screws securing the flight controller to the frame.

    • After removing both screws, the flight controller drops freely out of the frame .

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    • The Hubsan X4's Flight Controller (aka Control Board) has a handful of neat components that keep the quadcopter in the air:

      • Hubsan HBS002 Processor

      • Invensense ITG-3050 Integrated Triple-Axis Gyroscope

      • 16.000 MHz Quartz Crystal Oscillator

      • 3210AP 3-Axis Accelerometer

      • A7105 2.4GHz Wireless Module

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    • All done! To reassemble your X4, follow these steps in the reverse order.

    • This is a good opportunity to test all your LEDs and motors and switch out any faulty components.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Will I be able to conect the controller to the receiver with the new motherboard?

Jambopro - Reply

It's been my experience the transmitter will bind with what ever quad is ready to bind. I routinely steal my buddy's quad when he plugs it in before he turns his transmitter on.

bicyclewrench -

Just a qiuck note. I burned 2 motherboards with those blue replacement batteries...

Benedek Vajas - Reply

hi, while connecting x4 h107c + with 2 wires from battery to the 3 pin on pcb..the motor only led lights..what can be wrong ?

Silas Paine - Reply

Great guide!

Moises - Reply

Thanks much!

Moises - Reply

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