Repairing a broken screen of the Huawei P7 is a much less daunting task than it was with its predecessor.

  1. Cracked screen, but no idea how to start?
    • Cracked screen, but no idea how to start?

    • Keep calm

    • Follow my guide

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  2. Heat the glass panel on the back to around 85°C so the adhesive loosens
    • Heat the glass panel on the back to around 85°C so the adhesive loosens

    • Use a plastic spudger or opening tool to gently pry up the glass

    • Carefully work your way around the edges

    • Be careful at the bottom. There is a flex cable running near the back-glass

    • Never use metal tools for this. Metal will scratch the black paint off the backplate

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    • First, we'll disconnect the battery cable

    • Use a philips screwdriver to remove the shield, revealing the battery connection

    • Next, disconnect the LCD/Digitizer ribbon

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    • Remove the battery

    • Use plastic tools to pry the battery off its adhesive

    • Patience is key here

    • Don't bend, puncture or heat the battery.

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    • Heat the front side to about 85°C

    • Using a plastic tool, seperate the display from the frame, but don't pull it too far away.

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    • Flipping the phone over, we can see the display ribbon

    • Make sure none of this cable is stuck to the frame

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    • Pull the display ribbon through the frame

    • Make sure there is not a single glass-shard left on the frame. Any little splinter will cause significant damage to the new screen you're about to place

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    • Tape up the whole frame with double-sided tape for a perfect fit that won't come loose

    • Make sure you don't cover important holes

    • Put the new screen in, sliding the cable first, making sure the whole cable (aswell as the little part sticking out)

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    • As good as new

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- Never use metal opening tools

- Remove ALL the glass splinters from the frame before re-attaching the new one

- Have fun

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Hallo Paintskill,

Ich habe eine wesentliche Frage. Was muss ich noch beachten, wenn mein Display und das Touchpannel ganz ist und ich aber nur mein Deckglas austauschen möchte. Wie sind diese aneinander geklebt? Wie schwierig ist das?

Und ja, welche doppelseitigen Klebestreifen hast du benutzt?

lg und Danke,


Friendly - Reply


Nun ich habs auch selber versucht und wollte sagen.

Mein Deckglas war nur gesprungen, nicht das Display. Also wollte ich daran sparen und nur das Deckglas kaufen. Keine gute Idee... Das ist brutal mit einander verklebt und selbst wenn man es abbekäme müssten wir das empfindliche Display noch vom Kleber reinigen. Das hab ich mit nicht geschafft - und ich war im Labor der Hochschule. Kauft gleich das Display ^^



PS: die 85°C zum Kleber aufheizen sind ganz vernünftig.

Friendly - Reply

found nice video about this process here:

Karel - Reply

I like that helping video.Thanks pal!

Styleart -

I like that helping video.Thanks!

Styleart -

Hi! Which legitimate website can I order for the display pannel of P7-L10? I hope there is.. Or can I order it from you? Tried checking in to two service centers located in Ayala Mall, Cebu City, Philippines but they don't have a stock on hand. Too bad!

Grace - Reply

super thank you

sinisa kolman - Reply

Muchas gracias por esta explicacion.

Jesus Morales - Reply

How did you refit back screen again? Using double sided tape or reheating old adhesive and sticking back?

Kevin Moloney - Reply

I like your idea great

imadjanmaddy - Reply


My question is that my phone huawei ascend p7 (black) front display is cracked from bottom and my phone touch is working. But my phone doesn't look good I want to replace the front display so I am asking that if i change the display so is it necessary to replace touch with or I can just only change the glass which is broken without changing touch because my touch is working good and this will cost me low.

Plz let me know what should I do.


imadjanmaddy - Reply

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