Use this guide to replace the display including the frame of your Huawei P9 Lite.

Use an opening pick to unclip the rear cover, starting from the bottom corner.
  • Use an opening pick to unclip the rear cover, starting from the bottom corner.

  • Work your way around counterclockwise and carefully pry the plastic tabs open one by one.

What could you use instead of an opening pick??

Alfredo - Reply

Like, could a guitar pick wor? Or anything else?

Alfredo - Reply

A guitar pick will also do.

Tobias Isakeit -

There is adhesive underneath the back cover that holds it to the battery and the metal plate at the top.
  • There is adhesive underneath the back cover that holds it to the battery and the metal plate at the top.

    • Be careful with the flex cable at the right hand side.

  • Twist the opening pick to lever the back cover away and loosen it from the adhesive.

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  • When the back cover is freed from the adhesive you can pop it off by hand completely.

Hi! Im so sad! At the begginig of the operation i ve broken the white seal/connector that in one side is connected to the board and the other side is "glued" to the battery. Can someone help me? how can i solve this?? There is no image displayed on the screen. but there is vibration, sound, notifications... can someone help me please???

Diogo - Reply

  • Remove the nine Phillips #00 screws that secure the metal shield plate.

    • If there are any water indicators on top of the screws remove them to ensure a proper seating for your driver.

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  • Do not remove the shield plate yet, it is attached by a connector and an adhered cable.

  • Use a spudger to disconnect the fingerprint sensor from the motherboard.

  • Peel the NFC antenna cable off of the metal plate.

can we just remove NFC antenna and dont want to install int back?

Mohd Danial Bin Harun - Reply

  • Remove the SIM card tray.

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  • Disconnect the motherboard flex, the battery flex and the antenna cable.

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  • Disconnect the display flex and the power and volume button cable.

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  • Unplug the rear camera and the headphone jack.

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  • Take the camera and the headphone jack out of their recesses.

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  • Use a spudger to lift the motherboard carefully.

  • Remove the motherboard assembly.

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  • Remove the rubber microphone cover and the earpiece speaker.

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  • Remove the seven loudspeaker screws:

    • Three silver 2.9 mm Phillips #00

    • Four black 3.8 mm Phillips #00

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  • Remove the loudspeaker.

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  • Unplug the motherboard flex cable and disconnect the antenna cable.

  • Put both cables aside.

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  • Now remove the daughter board.

  • Carefully peel off the contact of the vibration motor and take it out.

  • Also remove the lower microphone housing.

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  • Only pry along the SIM tray edge of the battery to protect the display flex cable that runs under the center of the battery.

  • Insert a spudger or thin prying tool at a shallow angle to avoid bending the battery and pry it up from its adhesive.

  • Compare the new and the old part for any small components that need to be transferred like buttons or gaskets.

  • Never reinstall a battery that has been bent or damaged during removal.

Good guide, repaired without problems

Enrico - Reply

Really good guide - mine seemed to have a lot more glue holding things down but eventually got it all apart, One additional thing - if you need to transplant the power and volume buttons from the old frame, they just sit in an opening on the side, but be aware that they may be glued into place.

Rich Jeffery - Reply

I agree with the comment above. I removed the on/off and volume buttons with an old style razor blade to cut through the glue between the body and the back of the buttons. Also I would recommend buying a new battery as I totally ruined mine trying to un-stick it from the old frame.

Tim Henry - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I finished to replace the display yesterday and everything is perfect , thanks ifixit

husam faraj - Reply

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