If you phone is network locked (work with a SIM card from one carrier) you can unlock it by Unlock code and use it with any SIM card and any network operator.

Video Overview

Insert another operator sim card.
  • Insert another operator sim card.

  • The Phone should now request SIM network unlock PIN. Type in your unlock code.

  • If you are the owner of the phone, you can ask your network operator for an Unlock code, otherwise you can buy an Unlock code from the Internet.

  • Each code is individual, based on the device IMEI.

What if it doesnt ask for code? I recently bought one secondhand, its Sprint/Virgin Mobile/Boost Mobile. It simply says invalid sim. please contact customer care. what do i do?

AmandaMarie - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Not working on devices with IMEI started from 99***

Mark Smith - Reply

plz my desire 510 lock help me imei number 990005006530977

dasunsony833 -

Hi all! If anyone is having a problem with their code or is looking for a place to get a code to unlock their phone, I would suggest giving a go. It doesn’t cost at all, you just need to complete a short survey (I know, one of those!) but it worked for me so.. it’s worth trying out.

Mary1974 -

Hi plz help me unlock htc desire 510,me imei number 353450061720181

Decean Ionica - Reply

hello , I would get the code HTC Desire 510 for this IMEI 353450062978614

carrier TIM Brazil

thank you

moraiscfilho - Reply

Helo mate. My imei number is: 353450064766744 can you get me a number please?

ramon - Reply

UNCLOCK PLZ IMEI IS 352678075317112 htc desire 626

christina - Reply

please help me unlock mine .....imei 990005005407052 htc desire 510

keneth ofosu - Reply


IMEI- 357751050072310

Canada virgin mobile

love - Reply

can you please unlock my htc510 , IMEI 353450061808267

Shefqet Nebihi - Reply

Imei is 353452062688748 htc desire 510

Faydra - Reply

My desire 510 is block and Vdm client is not working plzzz help me....

mehranrahim - Reply

Hi .. plz help me to unlock htc desire 510, imei number 353450064783459 ( Thanks )

Dody Malvin - Reply

Could you please unlock my HTC 510

jqs111 - Reply

Hi can u pls help me get sim unlock code for htc desire 510 imei 353450065459778. Thanks

Monika - Reply

I have 510 desire one I 353452065777340 I need the network unlock code please help???!!!

joeschmoe187247 - Reply

Help me out please, IMEI is 353452065966810 htc desire 510

anderly martinez - Reply

Halp! Need a code!

Imei 358078061173369

HTC desire 510

Albert einstein - Reply

can i get an unlockm code for my HTC DESIRE 510 that is on this new FREEDOMPOP NETWORK that actually works off of the SPRINT NETWORK there is absolutely NO SPRINT SERVICE AROUND HERE why they would even let me sign up after giving them my zip code and address which is dominated by VERIZON i have no if i can get it un locked off of this SPRINT NETWORK I CAN AT LEAST USE A VERIZON SIM CARD TO USE THE NEW PHONE AND FINALLY STOP USING THIS OLD ASS IPHONE 4. CAN ANYBODY HELP I CAN PROVIDE THE SIM CARD NUMBER ..

Wade Johnson - Reply

Hi. I have HTC Desire 510. IMEI code: 353450065070393 Can someone help me? It is urgent... I read and look for different sites, but I just spend hours and I still cannot handle it :(

torokmezes - Reply

HTC Desire 510. IME: 353452062794272 please help me unlock

changtraixubienkg - Reply


Can I get Code for HTC Desire 510 Code 990005686321986

jagadeesh - Reply


Can I get unlock Code for HTC Desire 510 IME 990005686321986

jagadeesh - Reply

I need the unlock code for metro pcs HTC desire 626s

Pedro - Reply

My Desire 510 is modelo: free unlock code is? The IMEI: 358078066454251. What is the network unlock code for my phone? Thank you Sean Driscoll.

Sean Driscoll - Reply

Please i need your help ma HTC desire 510 phone is sim network unlock this is my IMEI number 353451061130108 please

Ettuahene Ettuah - Reply


Can I get unlock Code for HTC Desire 510 990005006823497

khamkee - Reply

please unlock my htc desire 510imei 99000501412337

Annam Yakambram - Reply

please unlock my htc desire 510 imei 353450066963315

Vasile Ciubotariu - Reply

please unlock my htc desire 510 imei 353450067267054

David Ansong - Reply

please unlock my htc desire 510 imei 990005017433229

Enyl Dee - Reply

Please can you send me my network code 357248062505353

Carlos thurston - Reply

Looking for my network code 3572248062505353

Carlos thurston - Reply

Please i need your help ma HTC desire 510 phone is sim network unlock this is my IMEI number 35450061681318 please

Ashish Roy - Reply

990005018320011 htc 510 desire

sanjay_mbaf - Reply

Help please imei 358887051032546 desire300

steven wood - Reply

Please help me unlock my HTC imei 355302047980900

terry svenson - Reply

hii iam bijaya from odisha can i help u htc 510 imei 353451060278460

bijaya - Reply

Please help me unlock my HTC IMEI 353450064210354?

Thiha Aung - Reply

Please can I you please help me unlock my HTC desire D510 the individual is 353452064291772

Elijah Sheriff - Reply

Please help me with this IMEI: 353450063460620; HTC 510.

Thank you!

Silviu - Reply

Help I need my code990005681667672

Debbie Bell - Reply

I need a code for IMEI:990005685465123

ola dera - Reply

Please help me. IMEI: 353450064104631; HTC 510.

Thank you!

mrowes - Reply

Hi! I need help whit my HTC Desire 510.

IMEI: 353450064109531

Thank U !!

Marcin - Reply

I need unlock code for htc imei

Jessica Samaras - Reply

I got my HTC Desire unlock code in less than a hour from UnlockBoot.

unlockboot - Reply

Hi! Please help me unlock my HTC Desire 510.

IMEI: 990005683990080

Thank U !!

watsonwxctr - Reply

Can I get an unlock code please?

IME 358078060732488

lucasmontoya - Reply

I need a unlock code please for HTC Desire 510 for Sprint

IMEI 990005007185961

Bob Sharna - Reply

Hi! Please help me unlock my HTC Desire 510

Imei 353450064116775


Юра Пліхтяк - Reply

I have the some problem on my HTC Desire 12 Pro, and use this service here to Sim Unlock Now work very well.

Adams Bell - Reply

Help me network unlock my cricket htc desire 510 imei 353452060721491 need it to be straight talk version

libgrym - Reply

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