This is not a full disassembly about how to disassemble Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The author TechMD stopped until he disassembled the motherboard. Check it out:

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Power off the Galaxy Note 5 and remove the S Pen.
  • Power off the Galaxy Note 5 and remove the S Pen.

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Run the hair drier or heat gun around the edges of Note 5 on the back to soften the adhesive.
  • Run the hair drier or heat gun around the edges of Note 5 on the back to soften the adhesive.

  • Gently pry up to release the battery cover. Be patient on this step as the battery cover is glued by strong adhesive.

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  • Undo the 20 screws in the rear housing.

  • Remove the SIM card tray.

  • Pry up the wireless charging chip. Be careful not to damage the fragile flex ribbon. Insert the case opening tool into the gap between rear housing and LCD assembly to release the rear housing.

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  • Pry up the LCD and digitizer flex connectors, battery flex connector and proximity sensor flex connector.

  • Pry up the charging port flex connector, RF signal cable connectors and a connector underneath as shown in the picture to release the motherboard.

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  • Remove the connectors of front and rear facing cameras if necessary.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where can I get a new motherboard as the sensor for my son pen is broken.

Logan kraft - Reply

in step 5 you are showing the motherboard of note 5 can you please remove the steel plates which is on the ic I mean the chips or ic I don't know what it's called I want to know which is charging ic/chip and which is PM(power management ) ic/chip please I want to know help me

maafia24 - Reply

*makes a tutorial thats impossible to do cause they dont provide links to buy the logicboard*

Miller Vititow (vitimilocity) - Reply

Isn't that frustrating? It is difficult to find repair parts because electronic devices aren't covered by current Right to Repair legislation. Here's more info about the issue:

Evan Noronha -

I have a Galaxy Note 5 N920G that has a water problem, everything just fine apart that it does not recognize the sim, so for calls and data is useless. I took it to Samsung , and they said that the motherboard or logic board does not work and need a replacement, but they want to charge me 300 usd that´s like a brand new note 5. Anyways browsing through eBay there are some boards but with different prefixes such as N920 A, V, T, N etc. I wonder if it will function with my cellphone? Will it be easy to replace the board?

Also im from Mexico if that helps.

Daniel Rodriguez - Reply

I broke the signal cable port that it snaps to the motherboard. Is there a way to fix them or do I have to completely get a new one? Also If I get a new motherboard will I lose all of the stuff stored on my phone?

shanonsmitt16 - Reply

It need a micro welding repair, find a repair shop who can do a welding repair. If you replace the motherboard, your will lost everything on the Memory card.

Mandy - Reply

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