After a couple of thousands clicks the Anywhere MX Mouse develops a phantom double click. This is due to a grove that develops on the inside of the button. It can be fixed with a piece of tape.

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  • The front screws are underneath the front gliders. The can be removed with a butterknive or Plastic Opening Tool. The gliders have three layers, be careful not to seperate them.

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  • The back screws are underneath the stickers with the battery images. You can either remove them, like I did, or just poke a hole into them to get to the screws.

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  • After the four screws are removed, the top and the bottom part can be easily taken apart. In the top part the grove that was made by the click-sensor should be cleary visible. This causes the phantom double clicks.

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  • Put a piece of tape over the grove.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Worked well for me, lets see how long it'll last.

Wynadorn - Reply

Worked for me too...saved a great little mouse!

jcrhino - Reply

Thank you for this hint! It worked perfectly

Wojciech Gradkowski - Reply

Thank you, it worked!

Jakab Ponoczky - Reply

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