Due to the many problems with cell phone signal and gps on LG G2, i will show you how to boost your gps and cell phone signal in 2 min.

Just watch the video below:

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Tools required.
  • Tools required.

This will NOT do anything for cell/gps signal the connectors on the back panel are for NFC, nothing more.

kansasboy001 - Reply

NFC connector is just the one next to the camera&key opening.

Blaz - Reply

Open the back panel and locate these three connectors.
  • Open the back panel and locate these three connectors.

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  • Gently lift up all three connectors.

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  • Cut a piece of thin cardboard.

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  • Cut the pieces close to the size of the connectors.

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  • Place the cardboard pieces under all three connectors.

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  • Gently press down the conectors.

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  • Close the back panel.

I believe it did not work on my set, rather some of the clips on the back cover broke while taking it off

Ameer Usman - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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THANK YOU THANK YOU! Gps locks in seconds and stays locked instead of locking then unlocking after 2 minutes like before. Big ups!

Garrett Wayne - Reply

Vielen Dank, GPS funktioniert bei mir wieder richtig gut. Einer der 3 Kontakte war gut verklebt. Er musste mit einem Teppichmesser unterschnitten werden, was äusserste Vorsicht erfordert.

Peter - Reply

GPS bug I encountered: being from time to time located 50m northward (upsetting when the mains highways are E-W). Working great for the moment :-)

Antoine Delille - Reply

This solution saved me! Thanks a lot.

ogrean florin - Reply

Sir... Thank you! I was considering to buy another phone, but i love my LGG3 D855 this worked for me too.

I would hug you if i could, thank you! (Hail from Brazil!)

leandrowsp - Reply

thank you very much!!! last week I had terrible problem with the gps signal!! with your fix my phone is working like new

haldaios - Reply

My GPS had been sporadic ever since Pokemon Go launched (never used it much before then). Some days weren't bad, other days I couldn't get a stable enough signal to do much of anything.

After venting my frustrations a bit on the phone, the back cover came slightly loose in one corner, and I recalled this DIY fix, tried it out, and thus far the GPS has been more stable/accurate than it EVER was.

Hopefully this fix lasts. I was beginning to compare features on new (0-dollar) phones. it was starting to give me a headache figuring out what features I could live without, and what was/wasn't an upgrade... (Probably going to need to upgrade soon anyway, as the OS isn't being updated for this model)

Robert Carriere - Reply

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