This is how the re-assembled steamer will look - notice how the locking mechanism is set up to work correctly


No parts required.

  1. Set your handle items in front of you
    • Set your handle items in front of you

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  2. Take the metal plate (when you removed the gasket, you will have to put it on again; when you removed the valve, you have to pull the rubber part through the hole first, so that the groove covers the metal, then assemble the plastic part) and the black fork.
    • Take the metal plate (when you removed the gasket, you will have to put it on again; when you removed the valve, you have to pull the rubber part through the hole first, so that the groove covers the metal, then assemble the plastic part) and the black fork.

    • Pull the fork through the hole in the rubber gasket and push it under the square plastic part with the spring.

    • WARNING: The fork has a curved side which MUST point towards the spring (not towards the metal). The curved side of the square part must lean on the fork, as you can see in picture 3. When you do this step wrong, you will notice that the valve won't close.

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    • Take the metal part and the plastic handle

    • The spring should be placed in the knob (see picture with green circle)

    • You may have to move the metal part a bit to the front so that it slides in correctly. Pay attention to the gasket, it should stay in it's place.

    • Insert both screws and tighten them.

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    • From the 4 parts, take the Z-shaped one (Top right) and place it with the more slim flap into the notch of the black fork.

    • Then you can lay the metal chip into the notch left.

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    • Now you can bring together the orange part with the spring and the metal chip which belongs to it (As seen in the picture).

    • After that, push the metal chip in the notch and press the spring behind the small metal chip.

    • If the Z-shaped part disturbs you at this point, pull it back while pressing on the valve. WARNING: While you are pulling, the part may slip out of the fork. To check, slide the valve once again forward, the small black valve should now lift up.

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    • Place the black plastic part with the spring in the notch.

    • After that, you can slide the metal part under it.

    • Finally, you have to place the slider onto the metal chip so that it fits onto the knob.

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    • Lay the lid onto the handle, as seen in the picture.

    • The slider should be moved to the "closed"-position and the metal chip should connect with the Z-shaped part.

    • Place the screws in the right position and tighten them. Finished!

    • It would be good to test if the lid closes right. Fill some water into the pot, place and fasten the lid, turn on the stove and wait for the valve to close.

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Follow instructions in reverse order for re-assembly.

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Wonderful step by step color photos layout. My handle valve got stuck rising under pressure. Looked for help on my computer and found Leni.

Quite impressed with positive steps shown. Took my time and fixed it on my first try. Now the valve is cleaned and does not stick at all. Could not have done it without your Professional Response towards this fine Pressure Cooker WMF.

THANK YOU KINDLY LENI, people like yourself are hero's too others like me who needed instruction. I THANK YOU again, you're the best!!! AP

Anthony - Reply

Thank you for the really nice response. I am happy that I could help.

Leni -

Hat perfekt geklappt - Danke!

giegrich - Reply

Super!!!Vielen Dank

Mujo - Reply



Gebhard Singer - Reply

Alle Achtung! Perfekte Anleitung! Hut ab!

Hat perfekt geklappt.

Vielen Dank!

claude - Reply

Tiene que ser montado en la posicion de cocinar/cerrada la olla.

Javier S - Reply

Yes, like I explained and showed in the picture ;-)

Leni -

Es freut mich, dass es bei euch allen so gut geklappt hat und ich euch helfen konnte =)

Leni - Reply

Hi Leni, my pressure cooker’s indicator is not rising, would configuring the handle work ?

Cynthia Foo - Reply

Dear cynthia, if you disassembled your grip prior to this failure then you may have made a little mistake reassembling it.

Otherwise, are you sure the valve closes and the sealing sits tight? If yes you may give it a try. Good luck =)

Leni -

Danke Leni,diese Anleitung hat mich gerettet. Der Griff war undicht,so habe ich ihn zerlegt und gereinigt,dann aber nicht mehr richtig zusammen bekommen. Nun ist er wieder dicht und kocht wie am ersten Tag und ich bin glücklich.

VG Don Carlos

Don Carlos - Reply

Thanks a million! You are a saviour and guardian angel. With My best wishes. M.Taufiq from Venice, Italy.

Mohammad TAUFIQ - Reply

I found the terms used for the parts could be better. Example: ‘chip’ is not a good word for the flat, rectangular pieces of metal.

Also, in the last image (Step 7) next to the top view of the lid of the closed pot, the assembly looks wrong to me. The indented bit on the stippled metal plate should be to the right side of that tiny metal crossbar, and between that crossbar and the up-sticking flap of the Z-shaped part. (It’s what pulls the Z-shaped part toward the end of the handle when you vent the steam pressure.)

Thank you, as this was the only help I could find anywhere,

Kind Regards from Chris

Eliot Mess - Reply

Hey Chris,

I wrote it in german, so maybe the translation you read is not perfect. And it worked for me the way I did it. Maybe I took a picture in the wrong moment, so you are welcome to write another instruction so people who come not along with mine can choose another one. When I had to repair my handle valve I did not find any help, that’s why I wrote the instruction while I was repairing my own one. I am not a professional. I am happy if I can help people with this, but if you can do it better, I think everybody will be greatful to find more than only one instruction.

Best regards, Leni

Leni -

Danke! Hat super geklappt, 60 € gespart

Carola Schmidt - Reply

Super Sache - aber hat vielleicht jemand eine Ahnung, ob die Druckanzeige (Knopf mit den Farbringen) zerlegt werden kann bzw. aus der Metallplatte ausgebaut werden kann?

Richard Zotlöterer - Reply

Super beschrieben!Danke,hätte mir ohne diese Anleitung wahrscheinlich einen neuen Griff kaufen müssen.

max.mogok - Reply

Great, simple instructions. I reassembled this 4 times before I found your post. It gave me the one little step I was missing. Many thanks.


pwhite1414 - Reply

Die Anleitung ist ganz hervorragend. Gibt es eine Quelle bei der man die große rechteckige Rahmendichtung und die kleine runde Dichtung kaufen kann? Bei WMF gibt es keine Ersatzteile, sondern nur komplette Griffe.

Thomas Bregel - Reply

Hm, vielleicht bei ebay?

Leni -

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