we gonna clean the filters and the hoses, also the back and the pump.

if the machine is working but the laundry doesn't dry , you can follow these steps.

also if the machine is leaking water under the machine you can try to follow the steps.


No parts required.

start with cleaning the filters inside the machine
  • start with cleaning the filters inside the machine

  • unlock ( if possible , not all these machines inside filters are removable..) and clean out the filters using hot water and vinegar. there are tiny litlle holes in the filter , it is possible you will have to blow theme out with an compressor.

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after cleaning the two small filter and the door filter. we will start to clean the big filter at the bottom of the machine.
  • after cleaning the two small filter and the door filter. we will start to clean the big filter at the bottom of the machine.

  • you need to use the orange plastic "spudger" from Miele itself. It is hidden at the watercollector.

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  • remove the white plastic lid using the orange spudger.

  • when that is open use the second lid.

  • and eventualy the big steel "filter". see the next step.

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  • and eventualy the "steel condensator.

  • to clean this out use the schowerhead and clean the condensator with hot water , let it dry for a day.

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  • turn the machine and remove the big steel plate (there could be some adhessive ,.) use the torx screwdriver t20

  • when the machine is getting a little older the black rubber seal dacay over time... ( i am not sure this phrase is correct? ) . A new one costs 98 euro here in Belgium ...rediculous... , so be very carefull with older machines ( + 5 years..)

  • after cleaning the machine on the back ( 3 times over 5 years) the machine started leaking water , cause the rubber seal was comming loose.

  • Tip: you can replace the broken rubber seal with silicone ( waterproof silicone)

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  • clean out the back of the filterplace. use a wet and drycleaner to do this.

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  • at the left side there is a white plate with one T30 torx screw.

  • remove the plate an loose the white water tube.

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  • behind the plate you'll see the pump/ventilator.

  • clean it out with the wet and drycleaner.

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  • remove the end of the waterhose( use the flathead screwdriver). and blow the hose out.

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  • now we will clean out the bottom plate.

  • remove the plastic shell that is covering Torx screws.

  • remove it using a Stanley knife.

  • remove the screws ( at both sides ) and remove the plastic frame.

  • You'll see there will be a lot of dirt in the frame. blow (or vacuum clean) it. and put it back. also clean out the holes.

  • the machine is now clean and good to use again. I advise to do these hole guide one a year. Clean the "normal" filters everytime you use the machine. (just take out the fluff)

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